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Nepal tours are, in a word, amazing. This friendly country may be small, but you'll never feel closed in. With soaring mountain peaks, including Mt Everest, and lush valleys that seem to stretch on forever, there are many wide-open places to explore on memorable vacations.

Nepal trekking tours are a hallmark of vacations to this central Asian country. Exhilarating and challenging, these excursions combine outdoor adventure with exploring. Options are plentiful for these tours in Nepal, whether you want to spend a month trekking through the mountains or an afternoon mountain climbing.

The tradition of Nepal trekking tours began in the early 1960s when Colonel Jimmy Roberts pioneered this style of travel. The British citizen spent years in the mountainous country exploring before he began leading tours in Nepal. They were an immediate hit, and have since blossomed into one of the best ways to explore. Whether you're looking for adventure or a pleasant afternoon, you will find a trek that fits your need. You'll want to bring your camera while trekking through a rice field or when the rhododendrons burst with white and red blooms.

The Annapurna Circuit is a popular, and scenic, setting for Nepal trekking tours. Nicknamed the jewel-box of Central Nepal, this route presents a challenging expedition, including some mountain climbing, hiking, and soaring to new heights. All in the shadow of the great Himalayas, you'll have the chance to cross high mountain passes and trek through green valleys below. Along the way, the group has a chance to relax. On this route and others, tea houses provide a place to have a meal and stay for the night. Friendly locals are eager to welcome the group and swap some stories with the visitors.

Like Annapurna, Mt Everest and its Base Camp are frequently included in plans for Nepal tours. As the tallest peak in the world, Everest has gained a reputation as one of the top places anywhere for mountain climbing. People also sign up for treks along the base camp circuit, which is a less strenuous, but still amazing way to explore. These tours in Nepal offer chances to see the signature scenery, either by foot or helicopter. Guided bus tours are readily available in the area as well.

Even if you don't feel like climbing to the top of the Himalayas, you'll still find many Nepal tours to add to your vacation plans. For centuries, this land has been a peaceful cradle of two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Some of the sacred spaces are only open to the faithful, while others welcome people of any faith. When you include one of the temples or shrines on your holidays, you have the chance to connect with these ancient and still thriving faiths.

In Kathmandu, the capital city, Swayambhunath honors both of great faiths. It's been nicknamed as the monkey temple because of the troops of the primates who live in the trees. Visitors on tours of Nepal who include a visit all will see several important religious fixtures, including a monastery and amazing artwork. Throughout the year, the sacred site hosts festivals and special events, popular among the locals and visitors alike.

While on Kathmandu tours, you also have the chance to explore a top-notch city. The list of things to do includes places to connect with culture and tradition. When you're climbing to the top of the Dharahara landmark or seeing the monuments of Durbar Square, you can soak in the rich culture of Kathmandu. There's also all the modern amenities you'd come to expect like places to shop and modern hotels. Casinos and artisans are plentiful in and around the capital city, too.

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