Nepal Vacations

Nepal vacations are full of adventure and amazing scenery. The country, important to two great faiths, is an excellent place to connect with culture. It's also an incredible place for outdoor adventure, as its home to some of the tallest mountains on earth and some of the deepest and lushest valleys found anywhere.

When looking for cheap travel to Nepal, you have many options for finding great deals. Many times, packaged tours are the way to go. When you combine overnight accommodations with the other elements of your holidays, you can save some real money. Many of the hotels offer Nepal vacation packages, as do tour companies based in Nepal and abroad. When you leave the planning up to the experts, you can spend more time enjoying your Nepal vacations

Another way to save real money is to consider where you'll stay. If you spend less money on your overnight accommodations, you'll have more to spend on dining and exploring this amazing country. Hostels are an excellent choice for Nepal travel deals; many of the room rates include breakfast and expert advice on what to include in your plans. With large common rooms and communal dining rooms, you'll have the chance to meet travelers from around the world, a way to make your vacations even more special, without having to spend a dime.

Admiring the amazing scenery is another way you can enjoy Nepal trips without breaking the bank. No matter where you choose to explore, you'll be close to dramatic scenery. The country's borders contain eight of the tallest mountains in the entire world, including the tallest peak, Mt Everest. Climbers looking for a challenge will want to book Nepal vacation packages that include all of the essential for a trip to the summit of Everest or any of the other peaks of the Himalayas. The professional travel planners will plan a route, get together your gear, and lead you to the top. The valley near Everest is the ancestral home to the Sherpas, who know the mountains better than anyone else.

Even people who would never dream of climbing the mountain still enjoy Nepal trips to the Everest Base Camp. Vacationers spend time chatting with the locals, all while soaking in the scenery. This is also a fantastic place for outdoor adventure, especially for hiking. The Annapurna Circuit is another favorite place to enjoy the scenery while on Nepal vacations. The region of mountain passes, deep valleys, and remote villages sets the stage for treks. These guided excursions, which could be short and sweet or long and exhilarating, are an excellent way to explore. Whether you're stopping at one of the tea houses along the way, enjoying white-water rafting, or climbing, the expedition will be one to remember.

You'll also have the chance to experience a rich culture when you explore the landlocked country. Some of the earliest and most sacred sites of two different faiths are nestled among the valleys and villages. With an abundance of Buddhist temples and Hindu shrines, pilgrims come to honor their faith. Some of the sites are closed to outsiders, while others welcome people of all faiths to come and visit. When you include Kathmandu on your Nepal trip, you can visit Durbar Square, a concentration of ancient religious sites as well as the historic palace complex.

Most of the Nepal vacation packages include time in Kathmandu. The country's capital city as earned a place among many of the world's great cities. Vacationers will find everything they need to put together a vacation including a modern airport and network of transportation. The hotels are equipped for travelers' comfort, as are the restaurants and cybercafes. Other things to do here include casinos and shopping. The local artisans, who craft jewelry and other interesting works of art, frequent outdoor bazaars and galleries, as do vacationers.

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