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Angeles City Philippines is a good destination for anyone who enjoys nightlife and shopping. There is also no getting around the fact that the city has a reputation for its sex industry. The Angeles City nightlife is renowned, and there are hundreds of bars and clubs to visit in the city. Many of these bars and clubs are on the tacky side, and there are some that cater to visitors who aren't interested in the sex trade. Shopping is also popular and Angeles City boasts a chain of shopping malls that is the largest in the country. In 1991, the US abandoned the Clark Air Base here, which had a lot to do with the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. Since then, the base has been converted into the Clark Freeport Zone, which is home to shops and other entertainment.

In recent years, the Clark Air Base has not only become a center for shopping. The aim is to make the base into a great zone of commerce and tourism. Attempts have been made to lure airlines to the Clark Freeport Zone, and they have been relatively successful. A number of budget carriers offer flights to the Clark Airport, which is about a three-hour drive north of Manila. There aren't many cities in the Philippines that boast international airports, which helps to make Angeles City Philippines a popular year-round vacation destination. There are lots of fun things to do in Angeles City, and that is another reason why it sees its fair share of annual visitors. In addition to doing some shopping, many visitors come to climb a volcano.

Mt Pinatubo is part of a chain of volcanoes that can be found on the island of Luzon. In 1991, this volcano erupted, causing many of the residents of nearby Angeles City to flee. Ash and rock rained down from the sky after the eruption, and a typhoon moved in shortly thereafter. When the ash and rock mixed with the water, it created lahar, which is defined as a "mobile volcanic mud." The lahar rivers that flowed down the mountainside were exceptionally destructive, though they did help to shape the area. Today, the landscape around this volcano is quite impressive, thanks in part to Pasig-Potrero and Abacan Rivers. These rivers have carved their way through the lahar sediment, creating dazzling caverns and valleys.

Journeying up the side of Mt Pinatubo is not only one of the top things to do in Angeles City. It is also one of the top things to do in the Philippines. The volcano tops out at around 4,500 feet above sea level, and there are two ways of getting to the summit. One involves driving a 4x4 the bulk of the way up, while the other involves hiking. The hiking tours feature guides, and they tend to last two days. Visitors camp overnight in the volcano's crater, which is an experience that is not easily forgotten. Hiking around the crater is a blast, and swimming in the cold waters of the crater's lake is worth considering. Even visitors who come to experience the Angeles City nightlife will likely enjoy a visit to Mt Pinatubo. For those who aren't staying in one of the Angeles City hotels for a night or more, Mt Pinatubo tours can be booked in Manila as well.

The Angeles City nightlife revolves around the city's clubs, bars, and restaurants. There are lots of good Angeles City restaurants to choose from, so breaking for something to eat is always possible before or after hitting the bars and clubs. Trying "Sizzling sisig" is one of the top things to do in Angeles City, at least when it comes to the dining scene. This dish, which supposedly dates back to the 1700s, features head and liver parts from a pig. These parts, which are more savory than they might sound, are seasoned with chili peppers and kalamansi. Kalamansi, for those who might not know, is a small citrus fruit that is used to flavor food and drinks. In addition to kalamansi, lemons, and other sour fruits can be used when making various sisig dishes. When visitors aren't dining, shopping, going out on the town, or climbing Mt Pinatubo while hanging out in Angeles City, they can take in the city's other attractions.

The Angeles City attractions include a few historic sites that are worth checking out when looking for things to do. Among the more notable historic attractions are the Bale Herencia and the Santo Rosario Church. The former was erected in 1824 and is the oldest building in the city, while the latter is an attractive church that was built between 1877 and 1896. It is interesting to note that the Santo Rosario Church served as a military hospital for US forces in 1899 and 1900.

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