Banaue Hotels

Banaue hotels are an excellent alternative for travelers who don’t wish to stay in Manila and make the 10+ hour journey north to explore the impressive attraction. Though there is definitely less choice for lodging near Banaue rice terraces, the upside lies in the close proximity as well as the ability to explore a small town in the Philippines. The terraces are on the large island of Luzon in the country’s northern region.

Banaue View Hotel is a top choice among the handful of hotels near the rice terraces. The feel of the hotel upon entry is notable. A square lobby fountain, an ambush of plants, and a smooth stone floor, and plenty of wood combine to create an authentic Asian feel yet perhaps the most arresting element the hotel offers is a majestic view of the terraces themselves. This is easily one of the main reasons Banaue View Hotel is one of the best Banaue hotels. Local food is available onsite while mid-range rooms offer cleanliness and comfort. Situated away from the town center, transportation is a must if leaving to explore things to do in the area with the upside of inexpensive taxis.

The Ifagao Native Village Inn (pictured above) and local Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel are two more options when searching for lodging near Banuae Rice Terraces. The Native Village Inn rates high with visitors yet it is still a good 40-minute journey to Banaue from the hotel. The hotel’s position atop a mountain ridge reels in amazing views of surrounding terraces. Many visit the hotel for the dining experience alone. The mountains also provide an excellent place for trekking.

At the local Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel, expect no frills but good service and the ability to book reliable excursions directly through the hotel. Keeping in line with traditional hostels, the value is excellent. The bar and restaurant is a hub of activity and a good place to meet other travelers.

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