Banaue Rice Terraces Tour Packages

Banaue Rice Terraces tour packages are ample, with plenty of choice from where to debark on your tour, including Manila, directly from Banaue, and from surrounding areas. Anything from day trips to several days to week-long excursions are available. Day trips from Manila generally tend to be lengthy with a good 20+ hours of travel simply getting to and from the destination yet these tours remain the most popular way to explore one of the biggest attractions of the Philippines Islands.

Considered one of the most impressive engineering feats in the world, the Banaue rice terraces in the Cordillera Highlands reach to almost 5,000 feet, gaining the longtime moniker “The Stairway to Heaven.” Daily tours are well worth it as are longer Banaue rice terraces tour packages. Myriad tour packages are available from Manila. They can bring down the cost of lodging, travel, and admission to a variety of other attractions. A direct trip to Banaue is easily accomplished via Manila’s central bus station which offers daily trips, most of them leaving late in the evening and arriving early morning. Tours can also be arranged if staying at one of the nearby Banaue hotels.

Dating back more than 2,000 years, the terraces have huge appeal, as do many surrounding attractions such as fringing landscapes laden with hills, mountains, and other Ifugao terraces in the provinces of Tarlac, Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija, and Ifugao. Nearby, the hot water springs and adjacent Hapao rice terraces draw crowds on extended tours that include several attractions. The Batad rice terraces offer more options for hiking so this is where the more intrepid often go. There are waterfalls and beautiful scenery to cover over several hikes. The Sagada Caves and the Bontoc Tribal Museum are additional attractions often covered in Banaue Rice Terraces tour packages. Exploring options in Banaue rice terrace tour packages package quickly reveals the many specifics and endless arrangements offered that cover the gamut of travel needs.

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