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There are a number of tantalizing Philippines beach resorts to choose from. Some of the best resorts in the country can be found on an idyllic beach. The Philippines is home to some of the best beaches in all of Asia, so it's easy to see why the beach resorts in the Philippines are popular. There are also lots of mountainous regions in this tropical land, and escaping to the highlands can be a good way to seek some relief from the lowlands heat.

Many Philippines travelers arrive in the capital city of Manila. After exploring the city for a few days, some time on the beach can make for an ideal diversion. Puerto Galera, which can be found on the northern coast of the island of Mindoro Occidental, can be reached in a few hours from Manila, and it is home to some of the most popular resorts in the Philippines. Because of the fact that the diving is so good in Puerto Galera, many of the resorts are dive resorts. The Atlantis Dive Resort is just one of the Puerto Galera resorts that visitors might book a stay at. The rooms at the Atlantis Dive Resort are clean, colorful, and comfortable, and while the annex rooms are small, the suites and apartment-style units are quite spacious. Resorts figure among the top options for travelers who are looking to book a luxury accommodation in the Philippines, and while the rooms at the Atlantis aren't the most luxurious in the country, they offer an upscale appeal and are keen on amenities.

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, and the number of beaches is even more impressive. For those who are planning on visiting the lush and beautiful island of Bohol, hanging out at the beach is just one of the top things to do. The Bohol Tropics Resort is arguably the best lodging establishment on this largely undeveloped island, and it offers attractive cottage-style units that are more than affordable by most people's standards. The amenities aren't overflowing in the guest units at the Bohol Tropics Resort, and the décor is rather odd, but at least there is air conditioning. All of the rooms also boast private bathrooms, cable TV, and a mini refrigerator, which is all that some travelers will want or need.

When searching for an ideal luxury beach accommodation in the Philippines, those who don't want to be in the city can turn to the country's upscale beach resorts. One of the most luxurious Philippines beach resorts is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, which can be found on the small island of Samal. After flying into Davao City and exploring the island of Mindanao for a while, visitors can head to the Pearl Farm Beach Resort to unwind in style. Spacious villas perched on hillsides and attractive stilt houses that sit on the beach figure among the enticing accommodations at the world-class Pearl Farm Beach Resort. As for the overall facilities, they include an enchanting spa and a fantastic restaurant that is known for its seafood and its traditional Filippino fare.

Because of the fact that upscale resorts offer the most in the way of overall amenities, services, and facilities, they can be an ideal fit for anyone who is interested in securing a luxury accommodation in the Philippines. Travelers have been frequenting the small island of Boracay for some time now, and many choose to stay in one of the island's premier resorts. The Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Resort and Friday's Resort are arguably the best resorts in the land, while the cheaper Casa Pilar and Watercolors Boracay Dive resorts remain attractive as well.

The beach resorts in the Philippines come in all shapes and sizes, and while some are relatively luxurious, others are simpler and offer lower rates. In addition to spending some quality time at one of the Philippines resorts on the beach, travelers can also escape to a mountain resort. After hanging out in Iloilo City and exploring the island of Panay, staying at the Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort on nearby Guimaras Island is worth considering. This relaxing retreat is perched on one of the island's highest points, in which case the views are amazing. When guests at the Valle Verde Resort aren't relaxing, they can rent a motorcycle and tour the island.

Some of the Philippines beach resorts are beach and mountain resorts, and they can prove to be very tempting as well. One of the best is the Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, which can be found on the island of Palawan. Within walking distance of this tantalizing resort is the renowned Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park, which is one of the country's best attractions for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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