Cebu City

Cebu City is a Philippines destination of high repute. This capital of the Cebu province boasts the busiest port in the country, and it is also home to the nation's second-busiest airport. Adding to its prestige is the fact that it is the gateway to the fascinating Visayas, which is a collection of island provinces that moves to the beat of its own drum. Manila seems worlds away when vacationing in the Visayas, and visitors are likely to hear a number of regional languages while passing through. The regional language of Tagalog, for example, can be heard on television in the Visayas, and the more dominant language of Cebuano is spoken with regularity both on TV and on the street.

The island of Cebu is the most densely populated island in the Philippines, and its people are proud of their homeland. Numerous annual festivals and events are rooted in tradition, and they include the Sinulog, which is also known as the Feast of the First Child. This festival takes place on the third Sunday of January. The main procession is quite colorful, and it features the venerated image of the infant Jesus. This image is taken from the Flemish painting that can be found in the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino. One of the main attractions in Cebu City, this church was completely rebuilt in 1737 after burning down on three separate occasions. The original church that stood on the site dated back to 1565. The Basilica Minore del Santo Nino is especially interesting to visit on Sundays, as pilgrims mix with water vendors and people selling images of the infant Jesus. In addition to viewing the Flemish image of the infant Jesus, visitors to the church will also want to make it a point to admire the ceiling murals.

The Basilica Minore del Santo Nino isn't the only historical attraction that is worth adding to a Cebu City travel itinerary. After the painting of the infant Jesus, the city's most highly revered religious relic is Magellan's Cross. This wooden cross, which can be found in a small building opposite the Cebu City Hall, was made in 1841. Supposedly, it contains a few pieces from the cross that Magellan erected on the island's shores in 1521. The painting on the building's ceiling depicts this historical moment. Another main religious and historical attraction in Cebu Philippines is Fort San Pedro, which was built in 1565. This is one of the more interesting historical attractions in the whole country, thanks in part to its age. Peaceful gardens surround the structure, which is mostly in ruins.

Cebu City offers something for everyone, and museum buffs won't want to miss the Casa Gorordo Museum. This museum is housed within an old home in a quiet residential district. The home dates back to the 1850's and is the main attraction. Visitors can explore the immaculate living quarters, take a look at historic photos, and enjoy a guided tour. The tours are included in the rates, which are more than reasonable. The Cebu Philippines attractions are many, and some of the others that are worth keeping in mind include the Carbon Market and the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary. The former is the city's largest and oldest open market, and the goods available here range from clothes to live chickens. As for the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary, it is a much more relaxing attraction. This garden retreat is a favorite among the locals in Cebu City, and the best time to visit it is in the morning between the months of June and February.

These are just some of the attractions that can be enjoyed on Cebu vacations, and visitors to the city will find that side trips can include any number of rewarding pursuits. Scuba diving is one of the more popular things to do on a trip to Cebu Philippines, and many divers make a break for the resorts on Mactan Island. Outdoor enthusiasts who are enjoying Cebu vacations can also go hiking and caving. One of the best jump-off spots for trekking and caving adventures is Moalboal, which can be reached from Cebu City by way of bus.

Cebu City is large and fast-paced, so escaping the urban realms is recommended at some point. There are some very inviting white sand beaches on the north and southwest sides of Cebu island, and mountains run down the island's core. Most of the residents on the island live along the coastline, so venturing into the mountains can be an especially good idea when looking to get away from it all on Cebu vacations. There are many good Cebu City hotels to choose from, so finding a good base in and around the island's capital is about as easy as it gets.

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