Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills figure among the top attractions in the Philippines, and they are largely responsible for drawing tourists in to the island of Bohol. While these wondrous grassy hills are green for much of the year, they turn brown between the months of December and May, which is the dry season. Regardless of the season, a Chocolate Hills Bohol visit can be rewarding, as this natural phenomenon is quite the sight to see. The Chocolate Hills in the Philippines are comprised of no less than 1,776 hills, which go on as far as the eye can see. A number of good area vantage points offer excellent views of the Chocolate Hills, and visitors with an adventurous sense can arrange motorbike sightseeing tours.

A visit to the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines is something that isn't soon forgotten. These fascinating hills, which can be anywhere from around 100 to 400 feet tall, are dome-shaped, which lends to their rolling appearance. It almost appears as if they were manmade, although they are very much the work of nature. According to some scientists, these hills are uplifted coral reef deposits that have been rounded off by the elements. Others believe that they are grass-covered hills of limestone. Whatever the case, the fact that the Chocolate Hills are all similar in appearance is part of the reason why they are so fascinating. Visitors to the island of Bohol will have to head into the interior to find these amazing formations, which stretch across the central plain.

Most travelers start their Chocolate Hills Bohol visit off in the city of Tagbilaran, which is the largest city on the island. From there, it's on to the town of Carmen, which is just a couple of miles from the main Chocolate Hills visitor's complex. As far as transportation is concerned, most of the hotels in Tagbilaran will help their guests arrange it. For those who are going on their own, taking the bus is an economical option. Motorcyclists in Carmen will be happy to bring tourists to the main viewing points for a small added fee. The best time to enjoy the Chocolate Hills Bohol experience is when the sun is either rising or setting, though these hills are impressive at any time of day.

There aren't a lot of lodging options at the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines, though visitors can stay at the Chocolate Hills Resort if they please. This resort is relatively run down, in which case staying at the Sagbayan Peak Resort, which is about eleven miles away from the hills, is arguably a better idea. Staying in Tagbilaran is the most popular option, as the lodging choices there are more complete.

Bohol is just a short ferry ride away from the nearby island of Cebu, and the ferries can be picked up in busy Cebu City. Once travelers arrive on the island of Bohol, admiring the Chocolate Hills will be just one of the options for things to do. Other possibilities include scuba diving, relaxing on uncrowded beaches, and searching for the native tarsiers, which are curious, monkey-like creatures that are endemic to the region.

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