Davao City Philippines

Davao City Philippines is one of the country's premier southern cities. In fact, this progressive city is the main business and tourism hub for the southern part of the country. Unlike some of the other major cities in the Philippines, Davao doesn't pertain to any specific province. Instead, it serves as the center for the Davao Region. This region can be found on the southern side of Mindanao, which curiously enough, is a dynamic island that is only starting to put itself on the tourism map.

A Davao vacation can be ideal for anyone who is interested in enjoying some fantastic beaches, some excellent hiking, and a stay at an inviting mountain or beach resort. Some of the finest beaches in the Philippines can be found on Mindanao, and getting from Davao to a sumptuous strip of sand isn't hard. When it's time on the beach that visitors to Davao City Philippines have in mind, a trip to Samal Island is sure to please. This island, which can be found in Davao Bay, is home to some splendid white-sand beaches. The best beaches on the island can be found on the eastern side. In addition to relaxing on the beach on the island of Samal, visitors can also go snorkeling or scuba diving. Other water sports here include fishing, windsurfing, and kayaking. Talikud Island is another good place to relax on a beach. This island is quieter, so it is ideal for those who want to escape the crowds on Samal Island.

In addition to visiting some alluring beaches, those who are enjoying a Davao vacation can also make a break for Mt. Apo. No other mountain in the Philippines is taller than Mt. Apo, which tops out at 9,692 feet. Mt. Apo is one of the more iconic attractions in Davao City, as it looms large in the near distance. Due to the fact that natives have raised complaints about the negative effects that tourism is having on Mt. Apo, it can sometimes be hard to get access to the national park surrounding the peak. Hikers and climbers will have to get proper permits before they can enjoy the forested slopes of this large mountain.

While the natural attractions in Davao City are what bring the bulk of the tourists in, there are some other attractions that can also make for excellent additions to the itinerary. Davao, much like the majority of the other major cities in the Philippines, has a rather congested city center. While hanging out in the busy heart of the city, taking a break in People's Park can be welcome. This large park boasts open spaces, koi ponds, and paved walking paths. It also features large sculptures of native Mindanao peoples, which were created by the renowned artist, Kublai Millan. Some of the other attractions in Davao City that deserve a nod include the Long Hua and Tao temples. These temples are interesting places to visit, especially for those who are interested in Buddhism.

A Davao vacation can include any number of fun pursuits, and visitors can even go white water rafting. Other things worth doing in Davao City Philippines include paying the Dabaw Museum and the Davao Crocodile Park a visit. The former offers insight into the history of the region, while the latter is a zoo and amusement park that is ideal for family fun. There are lots of interesting things to do in Davao City during the day, and once the sun goes down, the nightlife heats up. There are a couple state-run universities here, and the nightlife is at its best when school is in session. The Davao City hotels, much like the city's attractions, offer something for everyone, so visitors shouldn't have trouble finding a good place to stay regardless of what they have in mind or when they choose to visit.

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