Makati City

Makati City is where the tallest skyscrapers reach for the sky in the Metro Manila area, and it is also where much of the business gets done in the Philippines. Numerous global cities have set their headquarters up in Makati Philippines, and the central business district is often referred to as the country's Wall Street. Makati City has more to offer than just skyscrapers and influential multinationals, however. The dining scene is constantly evolving in Makati Philippines, and it's arguably the best place to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience in Metro Manila. A favorite place to hang out for expatriates, Makati City is starting to attract more and more travelers who are simply dropping into the Philippines for a look around before heading home. The vibrant nightlife has a lot to do with this.

In addition to enjoying a satisfying meal on a Makati vacation, visitors can also expect to enjoy a rewarding shopping experience. Shopping is one of the top things to do in Makati, thanks in part to the city's first-class malls. The most renowned Makati shopping complexes are the Ayala Center and the Rockwell Center. The Ayala Center is home to the Glorietta Mall, which is easily one of the best malls in the entire country. Dining at excellent restaurants and perusing the merchandise at tantalizing shops aren't the only things that visitors can do on a trip to Makati Philippines. The city has what many consider to be the best nightlife in Metro Manila, and the bars and clubs offer something for everyone. Due to Makati's relative upscale nature, the drink prices tend to be high, though there are some good happy hour deals to be had. Coincidentally, there are also some Makati hotels that offer some attractive rates for those who want to leave more room in the budget for food and drink.

It's not hard to pick out Makati City when studying the Manila skyline. The tallest buildings in the Philippines can be found in this Metro Manila city, and they include the PBCOM Tower and the G.T. International Tower. The former stands 850 feet tall and has 52 stories, while the latter is 712 feet and boasts 47 stories. While these two skyscrapers might get lost in the skylines of cities like New York and Chicago, they are impressive nonetheless and tower above the rest of Metro Manila's buildings. Some of the taller buildings in Makati City are major hotels, and while these hotels are relatively pricy, they are also among the most attractive in the country.

Makati City is home to many of Manila's best and biggest, and travelers that are looking to enjoy luxury lodging in the capital are encouraged to keep it in mind. The best Manila hotels call the city home, so those seeking the 5-star experience in the Philippines will likely fancy a Makati vacation. Many of the top Makati hotels can be found within close proximity of one another, and since they are competing for business, prospective guests are encouraged to seek out deals. Well established hotels like the Mandarin Oriental and the Peninsula Manila have been impressing guests for quite some time now, and there are some newer luxury hotels on the block that visitors are also encouraged to keep in mind when planning a Makati vacation.

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