Manila Airport

The Manila Airport, named Ninoy Aquino International Airport, is the site of most international travel into the Philippines. In Angeles City, Diosdado Macapagal International Airport also operates flights into Manila but it is best known for hosting carriers of the low-cost variety. Over the last several years, tourism and business have equated to a significant rise in passenger traffic with the airport welcoming more than 27 million passengers annually. This has given Ninoy Aquino the designation of being one of the busiest airports rated by passenger traffic.

Terminal 3 is the newest and nicest part of the main airport in Manila. Terminal 1 has seen an incredible growth in passenger volume but has not yet received the upgrades and renovations necessary to provide ample space for passengers and services so get ready to battle it out for a seat and wait in extremely long lines. Terminal 2 is used exclusively by Philippines Airlines and is often called the nicest terminal with the best services.  It can accommodate almost 3 million passengers annually within the international extension and 5 million within the domestic area. Its complete capacity is 9 million, which it has not yet reached.

The Manila Airport has a well-known reputation as a haven for petty crime. In fact, the airport is to be avoided at all costs as an overnight solution as thieves and other criminals are almost always on the lookout for new victims—the array of hotels in Manila are a far wiser choice. This isn’t to say visitors should be frightened of traveling through here, but they should be aware of their surroundings and keep valuables in immediate reach at all times. It is also highly recommended passengers disperse money and credit cards between clothing, bags, and suitcases. Upon landing, passengers will receive a three-week visa as long as the passport is valid for more than six months and proof of an international flight onward is provided. Visitors wishing to stay longer then three weeks can often apply for an extension for up to 59 days.

Image: Trishhhh (flickr)

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