Manila Bay Cruise

Manila Bay tucks into Luzon Island and serves the port of Manila. It is one of the most highly acclaimed natural harbors in Asia Pacific and one of the best examples of a natural harbor in the world. Set at the capital, the bay was first used as a commerce trading site between the Philippines and nearby countries. The commencement of trade via the bay fostered a socio-economic evolution, even before the Spanish occupied the country. The large coastline spans almost 120 miles and is divided at the mouth by the islands of Caballo and Corregidor, which is a popular launching point for a Manila Bay cruise. It features mangroves, coral reefs, sandy beaches, and more.

A Manila Bay cruise, whether a sunset cruise, dinner cruise, day cruise, or party cruise, is a great way to explore the bay and surrounding islands and enjoy a fantastic view of the skyline. The majority of cruises run roughly 2-3 hours long and most often include a tour guide, entry fees, and a meal if the cruise is a lunch or dinner option. Generally gratuities and drinks are extras on the bill. It’s also possible to book a Manila Bay cruise to coincide with an island tour such as a trip to Corregidor Island. Island tours usually offer guests a round-trip transfer via ferry, terminal and entry fees, lunch or dinner, and a guided island excursion. Though cruising isn’t as popular in the Philippines as it is in other parts of southeast Asia, there are dozens of options to choose between when determining the type of trip to go on. Some cruises offer one night island accommodation.

Manila Bay is the gateway to numerous other islands near and far. Boracay Island is by far the most popular island for excursions. Coron Island, a cherished Heritage Site in the Philippines, is another top choice for island cruises where hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities are possible. Culion, Panlaitan, and the Calamianes Islands are more destinations to enjoy during a Manila Bay cruise. On these islands, fishing, snorkeling, trekking, wildlife watching and more are possible. Whether a day trip or an overnighter, manila Bay and neighboring islands are a definite must when visiting the capital.



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