Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is an educational theme park offering a look at the country’s rich marine bio-diversity in hopes of sending the message that the oceans need conserving and protecting. The park is a major venue ideal for experiencing exciting attractions and events and also offers a hotel and spa on site for extended vacations.

Manila Ocean Park Attractions

Manila Ocean Park Attractions
Manila Ocean Park Attractions

There are scores of attractions throughout Manila Ocean Park focused on marine animals and hands-on activities. The Oceanarium is the number one draw, featuring a wealth of marine life totaling more than 5000 creatures covering more than 3000 species, all indigenous to Southeast Asia and the Philippines. It is the region’s biggest underwater exhibit. The Park’s Marine Life Habitats takes at look at the ocean’s sea lions, how they live, and what they understand. Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies provides an incredible insight into “dancing” jelly fish in a large habitat. Aquanaut Voyage brings visitors in touch with ocean life via daily dives in one of the largest aquarium’s in Southeast Asia. A massive swimming pool, glass bottom boat rides, and musical shows round up the log list of attractions.

Hotel H2O & Spa

Hotel H2O & Spa
Hotel H2O & Spa

The hotel and spa at Manila Ocean Park is based on an ever-present marine theme. The hotel sits at the top of Manila Bay, and offers rooms with marine themes in which walls are like aquariums featuring thousands of fish swimming by windows spanning floor to ceiling. Guests also enjoy concierge services, a fitness room, restaurant, shops, and more. The ZenyuEco Spa is a Japanese-inspired facility offering treatments including Shiatsu, deep tissue, and Swedish massage; there are hot beds, body scrubs, and facials. The Fish Spa is most popular; this is where small schools of fish nibble dried and dead skin of the body which is immersed in a large tank.

Nearby Manila Hotels

There are dozens of hotels near Manila Ocean Park, both to the east and southeast of the facility. Several are close to other attractions in Manila such as the Hyatt Casino, Robinson Mall, Roxas Boulevard, and Intramuras. The intersection of Roxas Boulevard, fronted by the ocean, and United nations Avenue is a tourist hub filled with attractions, most within easy walking distance of manila Ocean Park. From small hotels to large, luxury hotel chains, there is an excellent array of lodging options close by.

Top image: Roberto Verzo (flickr)

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