Quiapo is a district in Manila that is known primarily for its market and its Black Nazarene. The former is a relatively bizarre collection of bazaars that combine to form one large shopping district. As for the Black Nazarene, it is a highly revered statue that can be found at the landmark Quiapo Church. This ebony statue depicts the image of Christ, and it was brought to Manila in 1606. Some locals believe that the Black Nazarene is a miraculous statue, and they aim to benefit from its magical powers by touching it during the Black Nazarene Procession.

The Black Nazarene Procession in Quiapo Manila is a bi-annual festival that is held on January 9 and during Holy Week (the period from Palm Sunday to Easter). This festival, as the name would imply, revolves around a main procession. During this procession, the miraculous Black Nazarene statue is paraded through the streets. According to popular belief, the Black Nazarene was created by an Aztec carpenter, and it was brought to the Philippines from Mexico. Regardless of its true origin, it is one of the most interesting historical attractions in the country, especially for those interested in religious relics. While perusing the goods at the Quiapo Market in Manila, shoppers are likely to come across various items that depict the Black Nazarene, and they can make excellent keepsakes.

After visiting the main church in Quiapo, visitors can step outside and start their shopping experience. The stalls that are set up around the church at the Quiapo Market in Manila hawk a number of wares, from clothing items to DVDs. Shoppers should be aware of the fact that some of the DVDs are pornographic. A market this complete is bound to have some things that won't appeal to everyone. It will also have things that some shoppers won't be able to resist. You never know what you might happen upon while shopping at the Quiapo Market in Manila, which is why it's such a fascinating place to explore.

While shopping at the Quiapo Street Market in Manila, taking a break to stroll along R. Hidalgo Street is a must, especially for photography enthusiasts. This recently renovated street is lined with vendors and shops, and some of the more established businesses sell quality photography equipment. The Quinta Market is another unique part of Quiapo Manila that shoppers are encouraged to visit, as it boasts an interesting atmosphere. Food items are on sale at the Quinta Market, and visiting a food market in a foreign country can provide interesting insight into the local diet. The more courageous traveler will try some of the foodstuffs on sale at the Quinta Market in Quiapo Manila, which is sure to prove unforgettable.

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