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The Philippines resorts figure among the most popular lodging establishments in the country, as they offer easy access to a wide range of fun activities. It's all about fun at the resorts in the Philippines, and they are the ideal complements to the countries other lodging options. A few days at one of the Philippines resorts is sure to put travelers in the right frame of mind, and a few weeks might even be better. For some, doing little more than relaxing is what a visit to a Philippines resort will be all about. For others, engaging in a number of fun activities will be more attractive.

When it comes to naming the best resorts in the Philippines, it depends on what the traveler has in mind. For those who have sun and sand at the top of their list, the Philippines beach resorts will be the best fit. There are tons of beaches in the Philippines, and there are also many good beach resorts. The small island of Boracay has long been a popular place to find Philippines beach resorts, and two of the best are the Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Resort and the Friday's Boracay Resort. Upscale Philippines resorts like these offer some of the best rooms in the country, which helps to explain the inflated rates. In addition to Boracay, travelers who are interested in staying at one of the beach resorts in the Philippines will find some of the best in the Bacuit Archipelago and the resort destination of Puerto Galera.

While beach resorts figure among the most popular Philippines resorts, they aren't the only ones that visitors can stay at. The Philippines is home to lots of mountains, some of which are volcanoes, and staying at a mountain resort can be very alluring. One of the best mountain resorts in the Philippines is the Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort, which can be found on the island of Guimaras near Davao City. This resort sits on one of the highest points on the island, and the views are spectacular. The mountain resorts in the Philippines tend to offer guides that can be hired for hiking excursions, as is true at the Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort. This resort also offers access to natural, spring-fed pools that can be used for swimming. Also found on Guimaras Island, the Legita-Tayo Mountain Resort can also be an ideal mountain retreat. Guests at this resort stay in cottages that are surrounded by lush vegetation.

Guimaras Island isn't the only place to look when searching for Philippines resorts in the mountains. On the island of Mindanao, which is a short boat ride from Guimaras, travelers can book a stay at the attractive Eden Nature Park & Resort. Found near Davao City, this resort boasts a satisfying range of facilities for its guests to enjoy, as is typical of most Philippines resorts. These facilities include a collection of restaurants and snack bars, some shops, and a small business center. Heading north to the island of Luzon, the Cordillera Region figures among one of the top mountain resort destinations in the Philippines, so visitors will want to keep it in mind when planning an escape to the highlands. Baguio City is often the gateway to the mountains of the Cordillera Region, and it boasts a fine collection of hotels, including The Manor. One of the things that makes The Manor so attractive is the fact that it can be found at Camp John Hay, which is a former US military recreational base that has been turned into a resort destination for civilians. Guests at The Manor enjoy access to the eighteen-hole golf course at Camp John Hay.

Philippines golf doesn't enjoy the reputation that it perhaps should, though word is starting to get out. While there aren't a lot of ritzy resorts in the Philippines that are based around golf, there are a few that can satisfy the need to tee it up. These include the Evercrest Golf Club Resort and the Mulligan Golf Hotel Boracay. The former can be found on the island of Luzon, and it is one of the more complete golf resorts in the country. In addition to a good, eighteen-hole golf course, the Everest Golf Club Resort also features a restaurant, a bar, meeting and event space, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a tennis court, steam rooms, and more. As for the Mulligan Golf Hotel, it's dynamic, 18-hole course covers one-tenth of Boracay! The facilities are quite complete at the Mulligan as well, which is typical of the Philippines resorts. A kid's pool, a larger pool for adults, a game room, and two restaurants figure among the facilities at this Boracay Island resort, which also offers proximity to the beach.

The resorts in the Philippines can be a mix of resorts, in that a beach resort might also be a golf resort. As is common in many vacation destinations, the Philippines is home to its fair share of resorts that aren't really resorts at all. In other words, they are hotels that use the resort tag in their names. The Playa del Oro Resort in Vigan City, for example, isn't exactly a sprawling complex that is overflowing with facilities or amenities. It is near the water, however, and the low rates will be enough to draw some guests in. Since all of the hotels and resorts in the Philippines are relatively affordable on the whole, however, spending more to stay at one of the country's more upscale resorts is always worth considering. Even if it's only for a couple of days, splurging on a stay at an upscale Philippines resort can be very rewarding.

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