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Philippines shopping can involve picking up some interesting handicrafts, buying some high end clothes at a sleek mall, or checking out some knick-knacks in a lively street market. Many shopping malls in the Philippines are relatively new, and if nothing else, they are good places to cool down on warm days, thanks to the air conditioning. For those who want a more unique Philippines shopping experience, the street markets are where it's at. Visiting some small villages and seeing what the locals have to offer can also be a rewarding pursuit. Shopping in the Philippines, can involve any number of different experiences, and souvenir shops are in good supply when small keepsakes are the aim.

The capital city of Manila is one of the best places to go shopping in the Philippines, especially for those who like a good bargain. From the street markets in places such as Quiapo to large shopping malls like the Glorietta Mall, Manila visitors truly can shop until they drop. An added bonus of shopping here is that good deals are often easy to find. Shopping malls in the Philippines, in addition to having air conditioning, also boast brand name stores, many of which shoppers from the West will be familiar with. While shopping malls are familiar, the street markets are where the real Philippines shopping can be enjoyed. That being said, the Philippines malls are quite popular, and they can be found in many of the country's larger cities, including Quezon City and Cebu City.

Philippines shopping doesn't have to limited to malls and street markets. There are a good amount of art galleries springing up across the land, and as one might imagine, Manila is again a good place to find them. The Glorietta Mall actually has an excellent collection of galleries on its fourth level, so visitors can combine the mall and gallery experience. While Manila is a shopper's dream, it isn't the only good place to do some Philippines shopping. Baguio City, for example, can also be a fun place to shop. This highland city is known for its excellent woodcarvings, baskets, and woven goods, and it is also a good place to buy silver. The fruits and vegetables are also worth checking out when they're in season.

Handicrafts can be bought throughout the Philippines, so visitors shouldn't have trouble finding them. Many of the larger cities on the various islands, such as Davao City on the island of Mindanao, are the best places to look for handicraft stores. In addition to buying clothes, jewelry, art, and handicrafts, those who are interested in doing some Philippines shopping can also pick up some unique local food items, such as shrimp paste. There's bound to be a certain spice or sauce that visitors will want to take home with them. Many of the shopping malls in the Philippines have shops that sell some food favorites, so keeping an eye out for them is both fun and rewarding.

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