Things to do in the Philippines

Finding fun things to do in the Philippines isn't hard, and since this country is home to so many fascinating islands, island hopping is one of the coolest activity options. The Philippines attractions range from manmade structures to natural wonders, and there are more than most travelers will know what to do with. It won't be possible to take in all of the Philippines tourist attractions with just one visit, in which case travelers just might want to plan return trips.


Beaches figure among the top Philippines tourist attractions, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. While some of the beaches here are resort beaches, others are more secluded. Coves and inlets abound on the Philippines islands, and travelers can often escape to a deserted strip of sand. The island of Boracay has long been renowned for its glorious white sand beach, but it certainly isn't the only place to go for fun in the Philippine sun.


The Philippines isn't only a land of beautiful beaches. It also boasts mountains galore, the tallest of which top out at over 9,000 feet above sea level. Heading into the mountains for some outdoor recreation is one of the most popular things to do in the Philippines, and the highlands can provide some much appreciated relief from the lowlands heat. Mountain cities like Baguio City figure among the most popular places to escape to during the warmer summer months, especially for Philippines residents.


Volcanoes are always fascinating, and it is easy to understand why they figure among the top Philippines attractions. Accounts vary, but according to most, the country is home to more than twenty active volcanoes. Some of these have been known to erupt on multiple occasions in recent history, though more often than not, they are relatively harmless. In addition to hiking and climbing regular mountains, visitors to the Philippines can also hike and climb a volcano.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Taking a trip down the Puerto Princesa Underground River has fast become one of the most highly-recommended things to do in the Philippines. This amazing subterranean waterway is part of the larger Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park not only features an underground river of high repute, but a breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscape as well. The river is the park's main calling card, and it passes through a mystical limestone cave before emptying into the South China Sea.

Scuba Diving

Few destinations in the world can rival the Philippines when it comes to scuba diving, and many visitors to this island nation make underwater exploration the focus of their trip. There are hundreds of dive sites of high repute throughout the Philippines, including the famed Tubbataha Reef, and the number of dive operators is prolific as well. Numerous tours and vacation packages include diving excursions, and for those who prefer spontaneity, a trip shouldn't be hard to arrange at the last minute.

Pagsanjan Falls

The Pagsanjan Falls, which is locally known as the Magdapio Falls, is one of the most popular Philippines tourist attractions for a few reasons. The fact that the falls are just 60 miles southeast of the capital city of Manila is part of the reason why they are highly visited, and it doesn't hurt that they are visually appealing. In addition to swimming in the natural pool that has formed at the base of the Pagsanjan Falls, visitors can use the site as a starting point for canoe rides down the Pagsanjan River.

Chocolate Hills

When looking for interesting things to do in the Philippines, visiting the Chocolate Hills is always an option. The Chocolate Hills are comprised of no less than 1,776 hills, which go on as far as the eye can see. A number of good area vantage points offer excellent views of these scenic hills on the island of Bohol, and visitors with an adventurous sense can arrange motorbike sightseeing tours. Of all the natural Philippines attractions, the Chocolate Hills just might be the most curious.  


Many Philippines visitors come with the intent of enjoying some nightlife at some point. While the Metro Manila area and the island of Boracay figure among the best places to enjoy some nightlife in the Philippines, there are other places where unwinding is easy. Angeles City has quite a reputation for its partying potential, and the various resort destinations don't shut down at sunset.


In addition to enjoying some nightlife, heading out for some shopping is also one of the top things to do in the Philippines. There are numerous shopping malls throughout the country, and they can be found in the larger cities. For those looking for a more unique shopping experience, visiting a street market like the one in Quiapo or dropping in on a handicrafts store is often an option. The Philippines is a shopper's delight, and bargains are usually easy to come across.


A dizzying array of annual events and festivals only serve to complement the more tangible Philippines tourist attractions, and visitors to the country will find that enjoying one or more of these events can be extremely rewarding. Virtually every city, town, and village has a local festival of some kind, and there are also countrywide events, such as the Holy Week celebrations. The Mardis Gras-style Philippines events tend to be the most popular with tourists, and they include the lively and renowned Ati-Atihan Festival.

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