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The Philippines tours include an almost endless amount of possibilities, and they can be especially ideal for travelers who are new to this Asian country. The Philippines is a collection of thousands of islands, and some of the most popular tours include those that hop between islands. These multi-island Philippines tours can be a great way to see what some of the different islands have to offer. Sightseeing in the Philippines is enjoyable, thanks to the country's many natural wonders, and visitors can choose from a number of interesting sightseeing tours. Some will involve keeping an eye out for wildlife, while others take travelers cruising around on a motorcycle.

Tours of Manila figure among the most popular tours that visitors can enjoy in the Philippines. Most of these tours highlight the capital's history and culture. Popular stops on tours of Manila include the historic district of Intramuros, Chinatown, the Manila Bay, and the National Museum. As is true of many tours in the Philippines, the Manila city tours can last a half day or a full day, and the full-day excursions include lunch. After enjoying tours of Manila, some travelers head north to spend some time in the mountains. Northern Luzon is home to the Cordillera Region, and Mt. Pinatubo is also here. An active volcano, Mt. Pinatubo is interesting on all kinds of fronts, and great to hike or climb. At the peak of the mountain is a crater that is filled with water, and some of the Mt. Pinatubo tours include canoeing in this lake.

When searching for Philippines tours that are ideal, some travelers will find a Bohol Island tour hard to pass up. Bohol Island is home to the renowned Chocolate Hills, which figure among the country's top natural attractions, and it also boasts a historic church, a fascinating forest of mahogany trees, and an interesting ancestral house, among other things. Most of the island's very best attractions are included in the full-day Bohol tours, the bulk of which originate out of Cebu City on nearby Cebu Island.

As tempting as the land-based Philippines tours are, so too are the water-based excursions. The Philippines is a great location for scuba divers, and many of the country's water-based tours revolve around diving. Some of the most popular destinations for diving tours in the Philippines are the Apo Reef and the Tubbataha Reef. For those who aren't certified divers, snorkeling can also be enjoyed on some of the Philippines tours. While exploring the underwater realms is what some travelers will have in mind for their tour, others will want to stay on the boat. Various dolphin and whale watching tours can be arranged in the Philippines, and these tours also tend to include side trips such as tours in a village and lunch on a beach.

There are number of fun ecotourism activities that can be enjoyed on a trip to the Philippines, and many of the country's tours highlight these activities. For travelers who are really serious about booking one or more tours in the Philippines, keeping an eye out for some tempting vacation packages is always a good idea. In addition to including tours of various kinds, many of the Philippines vacation packages also include things such as transportation and accommodations. In addition to saving travelers some money, the vacation packages can also save them some time in planning.

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