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As the sun sets low and the sky begins to darken, there is another world full of action and excitement coming alive. In the stillness of the cool nights in Singapore, within a whopping nearly 100 acres provided by the Singapore Zoo, many animals begin their evenings with hundreds of eyes watching their every move. Almost one thousand animals comprising more than one hundred thirty different species live their days and nights out at the Singapore Zoo. The night safari in Singapore is one of the best ways to see what animals get up to when the sun isn't beating down and the intense heat subsides.

The Singapore Night Safari consists of eight unique zones created to mimic the natural habitats of the many different species of animals. The geographic similarities of these professionally-made spaces offer an environment as close to the animals' natural spaces as possible. During the Singapore tour at the zoo, visitors will witness environments such as the rainforests in southeast Asia, the river valley in Nepal, the dense and verdant jungles of Burma, the African savanna, the pampas in South America, and more. The Singapore tour offers two ways to explore these exotic environments. The Singapore Night Safari can either be enjoyed along the manmade walking trail or via the tram rides offered, or both. Either way, an adventure awaits!

One of the unique elements of the night safari in Singapore is that each evening a unique presentation of what animals naturally act like in the wild can be seen. Every evening there is a slightly different show as the varieties of animals come out. A large number of nocturnal animals can be seen illuminated by the moonlight as the tram takes guests through both the east and the west loop. As the Singapore safaris continue, the tram glides by a sizable reservoir and weaves through a number of different habitats. After visiting reconstructions of the foothills of the Himalayas and the beautiful Indian subcontinent, the guide heading your safari in Singapore will take you long a walking path that allows a closer look at the array of animals active during the night hours.

Singapore safaris are offered in two select itineraries. The first includes the Creatures of the Night show, an exciting tram ride, and a walk along the Leopard Trail. This first itinerary kicks off with a show by a tribal dance by the Thumbuakar, a tribe hailing from Borneo's rainforest. After the exotic presentation the Singapore Night Safari moves on to the different areas in the Zoo including the Fishing Cat Trail, the Forest Giant's Trail, and then heads to the Zoo's amphitheater for the Creatures of the Night show. Afterwards visitors will enjoy a forty-five minute, narrated tram ride along a dramatically changing landscape. Along the Leopard Trail, civets, leopards, and flying squirrels are only a few of the many nocturnal animals out on the prowl during the Singapore tour.

The last part of the itinerary includes a hop back onto the tram to explore the Equatorial Africa, the Asian Riverine Forest, the Malayan Region, and the Burmese Hillside. At the very end of each of the Singapore safaris there is an opportunity for some souvenir shopping at the onsite retail stores. The second itinerary includes all of the same elements as the first, but is carried out in a slightly alternative order and if visitors choose, they can arrange their own custom itineraries based on their particular interests. This wild and wonderful Singapore tour includes a delicious dinner at a well-loved local restaurant offering a variety of both Asian and Western style meals.

The Singapore Night Safari offers another excellent attraction for those visiting the area. With only a limited time in the country, and especially on longer visits, many choose the Zoo as well as shopping on Orchard Road and a visit to Sentosa Island as things to do during a visit to Singapore. Though many have visited countless zoos, Singapore's approach with the Night Safaris offers one of the most unique angles. With this nocturnal approach, this is one zoo that will live up to your expectations and more. You'll enjoy the opportunity to escape some of the daytime heat while experiencing rare encounters with many exotic animal species.

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