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Korea airport arrangements are fairly easy to make as there are a number of international airports as well as domestic carriers that serve the Korean peninsula. People making the journey to South Korea from the United States can take flights via Tokyo-Narita International Airport. Currently, the only option for nonstop travel from the U.S. to any of the South Korea airports involves taking Singapore Airlines direct from San Francisco to Seoul. The two main airlines in South Korea are Asiana Airlines and Korean Air. The latter has been the predominant air carrier in South Korea since the late 1960s. Once you have made your arrangements for which airline to take you can begin to focus your attention on shaping the details of your itinerary while in Northeast Asia. After you’ve touched down, you will be able to get a South Korea airport shuttle to your hotel, a cab, or take a train to your destination. Then the exploration of this fascinating country can begin.

There are seven international airports in South Korea. The largest and most heavily trafficked is Incheon International Airport. This South Korea airport is an attraction in and of itself. Construction was completed in 2001 just prior to the 2002 FIFA World Cup held in Seoul. Just six years after completion of the building project, Incheon International Airport was servicing over 30 million passengers. It has been ranked the Best Airport Worldwide by the Airports Council International every single year since 2005. Gimpo International Airport was the largest hub in the country before Incheon was built and still services Seoul, but now primarily with domestic flights. Incheon is the primary South Korea airport for international travel.

Among South Korea airports, Incheon is the home of Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, and a large freight and cargo carrier called Polar Air Cargo. If you are making arrangements to travel to South Korea from the United States, you are likely going to be flying into Incheon. There are a wide variety of accommodations that you do not normally find at most airports including sleeping lounges, a driving range, casino, and much more. There are also a whole host of shopping options, eateries, bars, and cafes. The ground floor at Incheon is the area where you will find helpful information desks as well as the locations to secure an airport transfer in Korea.

The second biggest city in South Korea, Busan, also has a large airport. Gimhae International Airport services millions of passengers every year and is one of the best-equipped South Korea airports. There are two terminals and a large area on the first floor where you will find information desks, car rental kiosks, and information for getting a South Korea airport shuttle to your hotel or destination of choice. Do keep in mind as you make your arrangements that public transport in this country is very cheap and an efficient way to get around. Whether you are in Seoul or Busan this is true. So, as you consider whether or not to connect on a South Korea airport shuttle, first do some research on the subway lines. Many lines run directly from the airports to the areas in which most of the accommodations are located.

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