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South Korea cruises can be an excellent way of exploring as much of the country as possible in a limited period of time. Major cruise carriers schedule everything from one-week to multiple-month cruises that, depending upon your choice of itineraries, allow you to see many of the South Korean port cities such as Busan and Incheon as well as destinations in Japan and other parts of Asia. Flying is certainly not the only way to get to South Korea and many tourists enjoy the cruise experience wherein traveling is a part of the vacation as well. For those who are not too keen on flying or who simply prefer to travel by sea, South Korea cruises can also be an ideal option.

One example of the type of itineraries you can choose from in terms of South Korea cruises is offered by Princess Cruises, which carries passengers on the China and Japan Explorer Cruise to parts of Russia, Seoul, Japan, and China. These cruises are a different brand of expedition than those that simply stop off at tropical locations. There is nothing wrong with a nice day at the beach, but when you stop off in places such as Busan, Seoul, and Shanghai, you step inside ancient civilizations and get to explore some of the most intriguing aspects of the culture, including temples and traditional markets.

Busan cruises are very popular among people with the express desire of traveling to South Korea. There are Busan cruises that sail to this fifth largest port city in the world and allow people to visit attractions like the Jagalchi Market (the largest fish market in the world), and the formidable Busan Tower. Explore the streets and markets or spend a day receiving meditation instruction from the monks at one of the temples.

Seoul remains the most popular destination for international travelers heading to South Korea, but Busan cruises are skyrocketing in popularity. As a result, the travel commission in South Korea has made several improvements that make a trip to Busan via cruise even more alluring. First of all, cruise tourists can get major discounts on hotels in the city including Westin and the Paradise Hotel, as well as deals at local restaurants and attractions. There is also a “buddy program” in which cruise tourists are paired up with local university students who serve as guides and translators. Traveling to South Korea has never been easier.

South Korea cruise tours are also popular for people already staying in the country who want to explore. The Panstar Ferry takes passengers from Busan to Osaka, Japan daily. There are many such trips that you can turn into a one or two day retreat to see a whole different area of the region. There are also fun South Korea cruise tours that set out, as an example, to Haeundae Beach and cruise the harbor for a three-hour dinner and sunset cruise. Some of the best tours are those that carry passengers around the coastal areas of the country. This way you can explore the best beaches and coastal communities. This is another example of a two- to three-day excursion.

South Korea river cruises are a perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening as well. Relax and enjoy the views as your cruise ship steams down the Han River. There are some sixteen major rivers in South Korea and you have the option of touring any one of them. Whether you are interested in a relaxing river cruise or one of the exciting South Korea cruise tours, you are sure to have a memorable experience on your trip to Asia.

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