Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea. It is quickly traveling up the list of the most popular destinations in the country because of the wide range of Daegu events and the exciting annual festivals and celebrations. Daegu Stadium Korea, a huge sports complex that has hosted international FIFA matches, is also located here, making it a Mecca for soccer fans from around the region. There are a whole host of alluring Daegu attractions, from natural wonders like Mount Biseulsan to spiritual places like the Donghwasa Temple. The events calendar throughout the year is packed full of things to do in Daegu South Korea.

One of the most popular gatherings of people in Daegu takes place around the annual Bongsan Fine Art Festival in October. It is a compelling twelve-day celebration in which all of the studios and galleries located along Bongsan Culture and Art Street open up their doors to the general public to offer seminars and a wide range of exhibitions. The Textile and Fashion Festival is another of the most popular Daegu events, especially for those working within the fashion industry. The festival is held biannually and is meant to display to the world the role of South Korea as one of the largest and most quality textile providers. The Palgong Goryeo Cultural Festival is perhaps the best gathering to really take in the culture of this city in South Korea. You can take cooking courses, watch traditional food prepared, learn and take part in native dance and song, and enjoy a wide range of workshops and other celebratory events.

One of the popular things to do in Daegu South Korea when it comes to nightlife is to hang out in one of the notorious norebangs. These are essentially singing rooms similar to karaoke bars in Japan and the U.S. These are exceedingly popular with the Korean youth. If you are befriended during a night of drinking in Daegu, you can pretty much plan on ending up in a fun norebang.

Hiking also ranks highly on the list of the most popular things to do in Daegu South Korea, both for tourists and residents of the city and greater country alike. Palgongsan is a mountain about 45 minutes outside of Daegu, but more than worth the bus ride if you want to hike one of the most impressive mountains in the region. Mount Apsan on the other hand is located right inside Daegu and is also a challenging and breathtaking experience.

There is so much to see and do in Daegu that you may want to begin your planning early. From the exciting annual Daegu events to the beautiful temples, the pristine beaches to the rugged hiking trails, there is sure to be something for everyone in this southeaster city in South Korea. If you have a chance to travel to South Korea do not get stuck on Seoul. It is an amazing city to be sure but the country deserves exploring and Daegu is one of the most alluring and naturally beautiful destinations.


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