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South Korea events and festivals are held throughout the year to celebrate just about everything you can possibly imagine. From massive music festivals that feature the biggest names in Korean and international music to smaller celebrations that center around ceramics, pottery, nature, and in the case of the Kimchi Festival, kimchi, there are a wide variety of South Korean events that will appeal to just about anyone.

If you are planning to take a trip to South Korea, take time to research what is going on during the specific dates that you will be traveling. Although some of the larger festivals in South Korea are well known, there are many smaller and lesser known events that are just as engaging and interesting. With the right amount of research and a little advance planning, you can be sure not to miss any of the interesting events and happenings while you are on your trip.

The Kimchi Festival has been one of the most popular events in the country since the year of its organization in 1994. This festival offers a view of how well loved this dish of pickled and spiced vegetables is among the Korean population when they witness the Kimchi Festival. For four days, participants can learn how to make various dishes that employ different kinds of kimchi and also take part in fun folk music performances and other games and activities. It is normally held around the second week of October.

The Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul is another of the most treasured and important festivals in South Korea. It is generally a celebration of Buddhism in a country where around 25 percent of the population are practicing Buddhists. The lotus flower is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Buddhist faith and represents the progression of the human soul toward enlightenment. Of all the South Korea events, this is one of the most beautiful as the lotus flower is prominently featured in much of the regalia and ornamentation surrounding the festival. There is a Buddhist street festival, a lantern parade, and a celebration of the Buddha’s birthday, along with many other events that take place every year in the middle of May.

The Modafe Dance Festival is perhaps the most highly anticipated of all the South Korea events for the local dance population. South Korea is known for its innovation in dance and this festival is a platform for emerging and established artists to get together to share and perform the latest dance moves and innovations.

There are so many festivals in South Korea that it can be difficult to narrow down exactly which are the best to attempt to see. If you are scheduling a trip to South Korea, you will be best served by investigating what is going on during that short window, and keep in mind that major events may mean fewer hotels in South Korea will be available. Perhaps the Cherry Blossom or Green Tea Festival will be going on while you are in town. The festivals in South Korea are interesting because they represent a blend of old world culture and modern trends. Some are dedicated to ancient arts and practices while events like the Modafe Dance Festival celebrate modern dance



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