Gwangju Hotels

Gwangju hotels are easy to find for relatively inexpensive rates. Gwangju is the sixth largest city in South Korea and an important cultural center. It is known for its vibrant art scene and is the home of the Gwangju Biennale. If you want to spend as much of your budget as possible out and about exploring the various shopping markets, temples, and attractions, you be best served to find a cheap accommodation in Gwangju. There are a variety to choose from and the best rates can always be secured by booking well in advance of your trip. Once you have made your arrangements for Gwangju lodging, you can begin to shape your itinerary for the rest of your vacation in Asia.

The Ramada Plaza is one of the best equipped and most conveniently located Gwangju hotels in the city. It is less than six miles from the international airport and very close to popular attractions such as the Gwangju Art and Culture Center and the Gwangju National Museum. There is a restaurant within the hotel, and in the surrounding neighborhood there are a wide variety of eateries, cafes, and bars. There is an indoor swimming pool, spa services and massage, 24-hour concierge assistance, and spacious rooms with pleasant views of the downtown Gwangju. The Ramada plaza provides guests with clean and comfortable Gwangju lodging with a range of amenities and large rooms and suites.

The Hiddink Continental Tourist Hotel is a cheap accommodation in Gwangju where you will not have to compromise on amenities such as a rooftop bar, spa and sauna, and workout facilities. The rooms are small and a little bit on the outdated side, but they are supremely clean and very well kept. If you are looking for affordable Gwangju lodging downtown where you can enjoy nice hotel amenities, this could be the place for you. The rooms are simple, but this is more than made up for with the pleasing range of amenities offered, including onsite dining services and the spa services and other features like complimentary transportation to the Gwangju International Airport.

The Mudeung Park Hotel is one of the nicest affordable Gwangju hotels. It is a modern hotel with a wide variety of amenities from onsite restaurant to spa and sauna, concierge services to comfortable rooms with thoughtful amenities including mini bars, coffee makers, and fine bedding. It is situated at the foot of Mudeung Mountain making for scenic vistas from virtually every turn. It is also less than a couple miles from Gwangju Station, putting you well within range of the rest of the attractions in the city, including museums, temples, and clubs. When you book the Mudeung plenty in advance of your vacation, you stand a great chance of securing very good rates. There are not many places where you can enjoy a full-service sauna, quality dining, and dedicated concierge services in the middle of a big city for this kind of price. Gwangju is a place where you will enjoy the benefits of modern South Korean technology and culture as well as the traditional side of the ancient city set along the western coast of this storied country.



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