South Korea Nightlife

South Korea nightlife is exciting and varied. From vibrant, multi-tiered South Korean night clubs to elegant cafes and tea rooms, there is a place to unwind and take in the good life that will suit just about anyone in this part of East Asia. Although South Korean culture is still imbued with many traditions from the past, the country itself has grown rapidly and is now a major player on the international scene in terms of their largely export-based economy. It is a nightlife scene not altogether different from that in Japan where travelers will find currents from the past blending with all of the modern amenities of a fully developed, western-style democracy.

There are tons of nightclubs, many of which specialize in a particular kind of music (hip-hop, trance, house), as well as countless bars in South Korea. Each city from Seoul to Busan to Daegu has different kinds of districts that offer a wide range of entertainment venues. On your trip to East Asia, you may encounter South Korea nightlife that includes everything from the familiar world-wide House of Blues, to unique clubs in the Hongdae district near Hongik University in Seoul. No matter where you stay, especially if it is in Seoul, you will be sure to find a variety of nightlife options tailored to your preferences, whether that is a chill evening having a cup of tea and dinner or a wild night out on the town at one of the pulsating downtown clubs.

The district around Pusan (Busan) National University, often just referred to as PNU, is well known for having a ton of options for clubs, restaurants, bars, and cafes. There are popular cabaret clubs in the area where you can hear western favorites performed by talented Korean musicians. There are also laid back cafes and bars that are in step with the local university population. This is just one of the downtown districts in Busan where you will find quality entertainment and places to hang out and have a drink.

Hongdae is one of the most popular spots for South Korean night clubs and nightlife in general in Seoul. It is where Hongik University is located, a school noted for its Fine Arts curriculum. The influence of the art students on the district brings a lively mix of murals and other outdoor art that serves to enrich the area as a whole. Besides a wide range of awesome South Korean night clubs, Hongdae also offers a range of trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants. One of the great things about the bars in South Korea is that you can find such a wide variety. There are tea houses that serve liquor and might be considered more traditional, and there are also South Korean nightclubs that are not a lot different than those you may see in Tokyo, New York, or London. Hip hop is very popular as is American as well as Korean pop music.

There are also a number of fine establishments for drinking, eating, and partying along the Itaewon, one of the main thoroughfares in Seoul. Besides tons of shopping and entertainment, this is one of the areas in Seoul where you can find everything from casual bars to wild nightclubs. Some of the best bars in South Korea in terms of the range of options on wine menus as well as fully stocked, top-shelf liquor bars can be found in this area and in many other parts of this city of over 10 million people.

South Korea nightlife brings together the best of what appeals to both east and west. There are virtually limitless options for what kinds of clubs to hang out at and admission can be bought for several clubs at once allowing you to come and go as you please throughout the night. Many are open until all hours of the morning so be sure to get plenty of rest in preparation. Whether you choose to spend your free time at the bars in South Korea or checking out some of the most popular South Korean night clubs, you are sure to have an amazing and memorable experience.

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