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Seoul airport shuttle transfers are especially easy to arrange if you are staying at a hotel nearby that offers complimentary service to and from the airport. Not to worry. Even if you are staying a distance from the airport, transportation, whether by car, shuttle, bus, or train, is not much of a hassle at all. You can find an Incheon Airport bus from any part of Seoul or Incheon and the same applies for a Gimpo airport bus. The transportation system in South Korea is highly efficient and, if you have a chance to travel to a city like Seoul or Incheon, you will notice this soon after you arrive.

You can find your Seoul airport shuttle on the first and receiving floor at Incheon. Major hotels will have shuttles that display their names while the standard Seoul airport shuttle will be more plain. There is a vast amount of information resources located on the first floor at Incheon and similar services provided at Gimpo that make getting on the right shuttle a breeze.

The preferred mode of transport out of the airport is truly up to you. One of the most cost-effective ways of traveling is to employ either an Incheon airport bus or a Gimpo airport bus. For a fixed rate, you can get to virtually anywhere in Seoul or Incheon. The obvious drawback is that, although more affordable than a private car, you can expect a number of stops along the way on a bus. But in terms of Seoul airport transportation, buses and cars are not your only options. If a Gimpo airport bus or an Incheon airport bus is not your idea of riding in style, then perhaps the faster, just as cheap, and super easy underground train system will appeal to you.

As in most major metropolitan cities, there is an extensive and elaborate underground train system in Seoul that serves major destinations, including the two main airports in the area. And beyond regular subway trains that make rifling off to virtually any destination in Seoul (about 40 miles away) genuinely easy, the addition of Incheon International Airport Railroad has made things even easier. As of 2007, the new trains took effect. They are located in the Transportation center, which is next to the main terminal building of the airport. They reach speeds of around 75 mph, making the trip to Gimpo from Incheon a mere 30 minutes. This is a huge advance for business travelers and those within South Korea who travel both internationally and domestically. If one were to fly in from the United States to Seoul, but then need to fly to Tokyo, it is possible that they would need to transfer from Incheon to Gimpo, and maybe in a hurry. The addition of the A’REX, (as the airport high speed train system is known) has made already efficient transportation between the two hubs even better.

There are a number of options for securing easy transfer from the airport to wherever you are going. Airport shuttles also depart from Incheon every fifteen minutes and reliably carry passengers to destinations all over the city.



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