Seoul Airport

Seoul airport can mean two different hubs depending upon the place you are traveling. If you are flying into South Korea from any international destination, you will likely be touching down at Seoul Incheon International Airport. If you are already in South Korea and are departing to another part of Asia, it is possible that you will use Gimpo International Airport. For many years Gimpo International was the main airport serving South Korea and the carrier that handled the majority of the international flights. With the addition of the world-class Incheon Airport in March of 2001, Gimpo Airport was relegated to a domestic hub.

Incheon Airport is located on Yeongjong Island in Incheon. This massive airport that has been ranked the best airport in the world every year since 2005 by the Airports Council International, handles all of the international air traffic coming in and out of Seoul. Gimpo is the domestic hub except for certain flights to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), Osaka Kansai International Airport, and Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai. The airports are linked by a major highway and several subway lines that make it easy to access both hubs from virtually anywhere in Seoul or Incheon.

When you touch down at Incheon Seoul airport, you are likely to be quite amazed at how elaborate and huge Incheon Airport actually is. Most major airports have the requisite duty free shops, food court, and maybe even massage or shoe shine chair. At Seoul Incheon International Airport, the bar has been raised to a completely different level as is evidenced by the unique range of amenities and onsite accommodations. The weary business traveler who has an inordinately long layover may like to take a rest in one of the private sleeping chambers, or even get in a practice round at the indoor golf range located inside this Seoul airport. Incheon also features a casino, multiple restaurants, bars, and lounges, a full-service health spa, indoor gardens, and a selection of duty free shops.

Incheon Airport is the largest airport in the entire country and is undoubtedly one of the busiest hubs in the world. It is the home base for such airlines as Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, and Polar Air Cargo. On the first level of the airport you will find a wide range of information services and other kiosks for car rental, arranging shuttle airport transfer, and virtually any other service you can imagine. Seoul Incheon International Airport is well staffed with multilingual attendants who can help to make your transition into this new country easier. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable. Once you get the idea of how things work, you will realize it is not that much different than at home, at least at the airport. It is easy to get a taxi, arrange for a shuttle, or take the subway trains the approximately 40 miles into Seoul or to your destination in the city of Incheon.



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