Cruises to Seoul

Cruises to Seoul are available through a number of reputable carriers. There is a whole host of different itineraries for trips that range from one week to several months. You have the option of departing from a cruise port from where you are from, or, as an example, you could fly to Shanghai and depart on a cruise of Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, and many more locations. Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean are two of the longstanding companies that offer cruises to Seoul.

The above-mentioned itinerary through various countries beginning in Shanghai is a fourteen -day cruise on the China and Japan Explorer. You get to stop in Shanghai for four days and Seoul for three, making it possible to enjoy Seoul river cruises and the many other attractions in this city of more than 10 million people. Then it’s on to Russia and Japan. This is an example of a longer cruise that visits multiple destinations. For many people who visit South Korea as a vacation destination on its own, an excursion on a Han River cruise, and like tours are just as rewarding as the international, multi-destination variety.

Among all of the available Seoul ferry cruises, a sunset Han River cruise is one of the most scenic. Wonderful times to visit and enjoy these cruises are spring and early fall when the flora is in full bloom in Seoul and the coastal areas of the city are lit up and thriving with people enjoying the restaurants, tea houses, and cafes. The Han River is the longest river in Korea and Seoul river cruises give tourists the opportunity to see many different parts of the city in the same day or night. You have the option of chartering a private boat for a romantic sunset cruise or you can join in on one of the guided, group boat tours that depart regularly from a number of the Seoul ports every day. Yeoido and Jinseong are two of the most readily accessible ports and can be accessed by foot or car. Many people enjoying biking down to the port near where they are staying, where you can tether your bike and load onto a boat for a day long tour.

Prices are very reasonable considering how much you get to see, and in the case of a guided tour, you get to learn a lot about the city along the way. Stopping off at the various attractions in the city on a Han River cruise is another big draw for these Seoul river cruises. You can make reservations for dinner at a restaurant near one of the places where you know the boat will be stopping and there is a wide range of accommodations in the downtown area nearby all of the relevant ports. Cruises to Seoul can be a fantastic option for an exciting and unique vacation to Northeast Asia. If you are traveling to South Korea you will certainly want to treat yourself to one of the river boat cruises so you can explore the city and enjoy all of the most scenic views of Seoul from the water.

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