Seoul Restaurants

Seoul restaurants can be found all over this city of over 10 million people. International travelers will have no problem finding exactly the dish that interests them as there are a wide variety of options for dining in Seoul, including authentic Korean restaurants that serve traditional favorites such as Seoul bulgogi, to everything from French to Chinese to Italian.

Seoul bulgogi (and bulgogi in other parts of Korea) is a famous dish that involves cooking barbecued meat (usually beef) over an open fire in a pan with a variety of vegetables, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar. The preparation of the dish is just as rewarding as eating it. Most times the bulgogi is brought to the table for guests to cook over an open fire until the meat is to their liking. Eating bulgogi is a unique experience and a fun time if you are dining out in South Korea.

The Seoul National Capital Area is the name given to all of the collective places that fall into what is considered the metropolitan area of Seoul. This area contains upwards of 25 million people making it the second biggest metropolitan area in the world. In a city this big, you can imagine how many Seoul restaurants there are. In determining what you think the best restaurants in Seoul are, you are probably best served to go district by district. Just as in the case of other large cities like New York City, it is difficult to narrow down the best of the best. You just start in the Lower East Side (or wherever you may be staying) and branch out from there.

Although there are many other smaller districts within the city, Seoul can roughly be divided up into four major areas. Once you determine exactly where you are staying in the city you will be able to begin your search of the best Seoul restaurants in the area. Hongdae is one of the districts in the city were you can find some of the best dining in Seoul. Hongik University is located here and there are a wide variety of cafes and bars, as well as excellent restaurants. This area is also well known for its alternative and independent music scene. If you are traveling to Seoul and are interested in checking out some of the more modern, hip, and contemporary Seoul restaurants that offer a laid back and relaxing atmosphere, look into the Hongdae district.

Incheon is another area of the city where you will find a whole host of excellent options for dining in Seoul. Whether you are interested in trying traditional favorites such as Seoul bulgogi, sashimi, or any of the multifarious forms of kimchi, Incheon is home to a range of excellent restaurants.

Itaewon is a popular area in Seoul for international tourists and business travelers. There are a variety of luxury hotels and much of this part of the city caters to the needs of tourists. As such, there are seemingly countless restaurants and bars. Dining in Seoul in the district of Itaewon gives you the option of choosing from a broad selection of menus and styles of cuisine.

Gangnam-gu is another area that is well known for its shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. If you are staying here you will find plenty of variety for dining as well.

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