Gangnam is a very popular area of Seoul where you can find virtually unlimited options for dining, entertainment, and accommodations. The official name is Gangnam-gu (‘gu’ meaning a local government district). There are 25 of these in Seoul and Gangnam is one of the most affluent. A variety of massive technology companies including Google and IBM have offices in this part of the city, lending to this district’s reputation as a major technology center.

Most of these companies are located in and around Teheranno Street. It is interesting to note that less than 40 years ago, this part of town was farmland. The incredibly fast development of the nation’s economy largely through the export of automobiles, electronics, and robotics, have led to wide scale growth and major building projects. There is also a wide range of shopping centers, including some of the most popular in the country like the COEX Mall and Apgujeong, located near Gangnam Station. Gangnam nightlife is also not to be missed.

If you are staying in this area you will have no problem finding plenty of things to do in Gangnam-gu. You could literally spend days at the COEX Mall alone. This sprawling complex is the largest underground shopping center in all of Asia, and besides hundreds of stores, also features a casino, arcades, an aquarium, and much more. COEX is just one example of why shopping is one of the most popular things to do in Gangnam-gu. South Korea shopping is one of the most popular pastimes for both domestic and international tourists traveling to Seoul, not only because of the wide range of items available, but also because you can find the best traditional as well as modern goods. Seoul is a city where you can find authentic, one-of-a-kind South Korean arts and crafts as well as the most modern video games and mobile devices.

Apjugeong is a perfect example of the kind of area where you can find this mixture of goods in Gangnam. The Gangnam nightlife heats up in this area as well, but not before throngs of people line the streets during the day to frequent the many designer boutiques, independent stores, and brand name designers located in this district. Visiting Apjugeong is a must if you are looking for things to do in Gangnam-gu on your next trip to Seoul.

Viewed from the sky at night, Gangnam resembles NYC or Tokyo. It is extremely impressive when fully lit up. There is a plethora of neon signs lighting the night sky that may challenge your idea of what South Korea really looks like. Not everyone knows that Seoul is a thriving metropolis with a population exceeding 10 million people. Gangnam is just one district in this city where you can find a wide range of luxury accommodations, amazing restaurants, and of course, tons of shopping.

You should be aware that, as a district in which many South Korean business people work and play, dress code at most places is something akin to business casual. You will be looked at strangely if you walk into a nicer club with jeans in a T-shirt in Gangnam, although this is perfectly acceptable in a younger area such as Hongdae. The Gangnam nightlife is a lot of fun if you know what you’re looking for. There are a lot of nice clubs and the people will embrace you if you are at least cognizant of their culture.

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