Hongdae Hotels

Hongdae hotels are located all over this trendy and popular university district in Seoul, South Korea. As the home of Hongik University, Hongdae features a wide variety of tea houses, colorful cafes, bars and restaurants, and independent music venues. This area is especially popular with youthful domestic and international travelers and as such there are a multitude of cheap hotels in Hongdae. There are also 5 star hotels such as the Ritz Carlton located just minutes from the Hongdae area if you should prefer to stay at an utterly luxurious accommodation. It all depends on what you’re looking to spend and do. If you do your planning in advance, you should have no problem locating a Hongdae accommodation that suits your budget and desired experience.

The Hongdae Guest House is one of the cheap hotels in Hongdae that is both comfortable and clean. It is more like a B & B than a hostel, offering complimentary computers in the dormitories, heated beds, and complimentary wireless Internet access for your own computer. If you are traveling on a budget, this could be an excellent option for you. The service provided by the owner is personal and exceptional. You are provided with a locking safety box in which to keep your personal belongings, which anyone who has traveled and stayed at a hostel knows is an absolute must. Many of these kinds of Hongdae hotels offer complimentary breakfast, but be aware that the Hongdae Guest House does not. This is not too big a deal, as there are a wide variety of cafes nearby where you can find a nice and inexpensive breakfast. This is an excellent Hongdae accommodation, especially considering the value you get for your money.

The Prince Hotel (pictured) is another viable Hongdae accommodation where you will find very reasonable prices and clean and comfortable rooms. It is located in the Shinchon area and is nearby train stops that make getting around the city easy. This is an example of no-frills lodging in Hongdae Seoul, but if cost is the chief consideration, it could be a great bet. Once you have made your arrangements you can get on with the fun part, namely shaping up your itinerary for vacation. There is so much to do in Hongdae that where you stay may not make too much a difference. Many people who travel to South Korea like to do as much exploring as possible and find staying in their room a bore. If this sounds like you, then one of the cheap and simple Hongdae hotels is perfect. Staying at a place like the Hongdae Guest House or the Prince Hotel will free up more of your budget to enjoy at popular attractions like the Dongdaemun Market, Apgujeong, and the COEX Mall.

The Hotel Montana is one of the cheap hotels in Hongdae that is conveniently located near many of the cool shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is a perfect destination for the budget-conscious traveler looking to stay at a safe, clean, and comfortable hotel. Once again, this is by no means the lap of luxury, but if all you require is a nice bed and a safe place to keep your belongings while you party and explore, you have yourself a winner.



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