Incheon is a major city in South Korea that is vital to trade and commerce as well as the tourism industry. It is the third largest city in South Korea behind Seoul and Busan. Incheon is actually considered part of the greater metropolis of Seoul because of a shared border with the capital city and an interlinked subway line, but Incheon is major player on the South Korea scene all on its own. It is the western part of the country’s largest port as well as the home of the largest airport in the country, Incheon International Airport.

Incheon International has been the best airport in the world each year since 2005 as ranked by the Airports Council International, and is one of the biggest Incheon attractions. This massive complex features a golf range, casino, private sleeping quarters, tons of stores, and much more. The airport will not make your list of things to do in Incheon as you will have to travel through there anyway if you are departing from an international location. You will however remember it vividly as it is a most impressive airport, both architecturally and functionally.

Incheon is well known for a couple of amazing feats of architecture, the airport being only one. The Incheon Bridge, for example, is another outstanding civic and architectural accomplishment and serves as a distinguishing characteristic of this city of some three million in South Korea. Construction of the Incheon Bridge was completed in October of 2009. It connects Incheon with Yeongjeong Island. The Incehon Bridge is about thirteen miles long and is especially impressive when viewed from the air.

There are a wide variety of things to do in Incheon, from shopping and visiting traditional markets and shops to buying authentic Korean goods, to dining at authentic Korean restaurants. Because of its size and popularity as a tourist attraction both for international and domestic travelers, Seoul not only features the best in South Korean cuisine, shopping, and entertainment, but also a wide range of options in the tradition of other countries. You can find excellent cuisine that is representative of the best European, Asian, and North American traditions, as well as traditional eateries that serve South Korean favorites such as sashimi (in virtually every possible configuration), kimchi, bulgogi, and much more. Entertainment runs the gamut from theater and cinema, to opera and ballet, rock festivals and concerts, karaoke rooms, to pulsating nightclubs.

One of the best things to do in Incheon is to get out and explore the city, either on your own or with the group you are traveling with. Armed with a subway map you should be well on your way to discovering not only the best of Incheon, but also that of the surrounding area including Seoul.

Mt. Manisan is a natural wonder in Incheon that you should think about trying to visit, as is Baengnyeongdo Island. Bomunsa Temple is a lovely sight to visit as is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ganghwa Dolmen. There are also a nice variety of bars, clubs, and casinos in the city. If you are still looking for things to do in Incheon after checking out all of the shopping, entertainment, dining options, and attractions, you always have Seoul just next door.

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