Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village excursions and tours are some of the most popular things to do in this popular attraction in Yongin, a city in the Gyeonggi-do Province in South Korea. The Folk Village near Seoul was created for the express purpose of passing along the cultural traditions and facts about the 5,000-year-old history of the Korean people to younger generations.

The Korean people have occupied this part of Northeast Asia for millennia, but much has changed over the course of the last century or so with the Kabo Peasant War, the Japanese invasion of Korea, and the Korean War. When the economy of South Korea began booming in the 1960s, an opportunity to establish a folk museum was identified. The thinking behind the project was clearly to ensure that the cultural heritage of the Korean people is not lost on future generations. It is known as Hanguk Minsokchon in South Korea.

When you visit the Korean Folk Village you will gain a much better understanding of how life on the Korean peninsula was in ages past. There are numerous examples of Korean culture and daily life on display, including replicas of peasant and farmhouses, wood working shops, and communal buildings. If you want to get a solid feel for authentic Korean culture in cities like Seoul, you will have to go looking. It is a vibrant, contemporary metropolis that is much more so geared toward modern society than preserving ancient Korean culture. This is what makes the Folk Village near Seoul as cool and significant as it is. If you only have, for instance, one week to spend in South Korea and you have a desire to learn about the culture and witness firsthand the way that things used to be in this part of Asia, Hanguk Minsokchon provides an ideal experience.

When you visit the Korean Folk Museum you will have the opportunity to see everything from traditionally constructed buildings to performances by tight rope walkers, equestrian performances, metal and wood workers, traditional Korean wedding ceremonies, and much more. In the Traditional Houses section of the village, you can see a variety of abodes, including those of middle-class farmers, peasants, and richer landowners. There is also an Education and Administration portion that displays the kinds of school houses and buildings that were prevalent at the time. The Religion and Ceremonies is a most popular feature of the Folk Village near Seoul, as eager onlookers get to see what an authentic wedding was like in the past, and explore Korean folklore and Shamanic traditions.

Be sure not to miss the Livelihood and Handicrafts section either. This may just be the coolest area at Hanguk Minsokchon. You can see how Korean farmers used arcane techniques to grow crops, watch blacksmiths and woodworkers perfecting their crafts, and learn about other professions that the indigenous people have undertaken for years to support themselves and their families.

The Korean Folk Village is nearby other popular attractions in the Gyeonggi-do Province, including the Everland Amusement Park and there are plenty of accommodations nearby. It is relatively inexpensive to gain admittance to the Folk Village and is well worth the visit. You purchase tickets on location.

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