Lotte World

Lotte World is easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seoul, South Korea. Some 8 million visitors attend this highly regarded theme park every single year. Lotte World in Seoul is so big it is more accurately described as a recreation mega complex. There is both an indoor theme park and a sprawling outdoor amusement park is known as Magic Island.

The indoor theme park is one of the largest in the world and contains an ice skating rink that is open year round, several shopping malls, a grand hotel, a cinema, and several sports facilities, all in the magical surroundings of this one place. Even Walt Disney World in Orlando truly has nothing on Lotte World when it comes to the sheer number of things to do and attractions to enjoy. Besides the Lotte Hotel World (the luxury hotel located on the premises), you will also find that there are a number of other hotels near Lotte World, giving you a range of options for Seoul hotels if you choose to incorporate a trip to this alluring attraction into your next vacation to South Korea.

A lot of people wonder exactly what kinds of rides and attractions are available at Lotte World in Seoul. The amusement park offers a wide range of high-altitude rides and roller coasters including the Gyro Drop and the Gyro Swing, two exceedingly popular rides that give eager adventure seekers the sensation of a free fall drop and of being caught inside the whirling dervish of a tornado. There are also plenty of rides for the youngsters as well. As with most amusement parks around the world, there is a large section dedicated to children where they can enjoy kiddie coasters and other attractions such as fun, family-friendly shows and parades.

The Lotte Food Court Seoul also makes a day at the park even more enjoyable for families who do not want to pack food and trudge it along with them all day. As Lotte World is very popular attraction for international tourists traveling to South Korea, many of the food stands and eateries at the Lotte Food Court Seoul offer a wide range of cuisine, from South Korea traditional favorites to western traditional snacks including French fries, burgers, and pizza. When you buy your tickets for a day at Lotte World in Seoul, you will be ensuring an exciting day for everyone in your group.

Considering how much there is to do at this mega recreation complex, the rates for admission are very reasonable. You can also take advantage of discounted fares on tickets by ordering in large quantities (for your whole family or group of friends for instance).

The Magic Island amusement park is set on the lovely shores of Seokchonhosu Lake. There is a gorgeous nature trail that couples can walk to make for a romantic evening to close an exciting day at the park. A thrilling laser show takes place every night at 9:30 p.m. and, along with the parades that feature 200 live performers, is a favorite among guests of the park. With the Lotte Food Court at your disposal, plenty of activities for adults and the kids, and lots of rides and shows, you are in prime position to enjoy one of the most alluring attractions in Seoul.

Image: petirrojo (Flickr)
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