N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is one of the most distinguishing and unique attractions in this bustling city. The skyline and the natural landscape of the terrain are so breathtaking, that they can only be done justice when viewed from high atop the city. The Seoul Tower is the absolute best place to enjoy the most enthralling vistas of Seoul. The massive skyline is especially impressive when viewed at night, as all of the seemingly endless buildings and high-rises light up the night sky.

Seoul is a city in which you can enjoy everything from world-class shopping and dining to tranquil temple tours and breathtaking mountain hikes. It is a popular destination not only for domestic tourists who come to Seoul from other parts of Asia, but also for international tourists engaging in what may be considered more exotic travel. The Tower in Namsan Seoul (Namsan being the word from which the “N” in N Seoul Tower is derived) is one of the most sought after attractions for both of these groups.

The Seoul Tower stands at an impressive and formidable 777 feet, and rises over 1,500 feet above sea level. The tower itself was constructed in 1969 and opened to the public as an observation tower in 1980. It is used both as an observation as well as a communications tower. There are four observation decks at the tower, the fourth being the revolving restaurant located near the top. This is an absolutely awesome place to have a meal in Seoul. You will enjoy the best in authentic South Korean cuisine while being treated to panoramic vistas of the city below. The rotating restaurant makes a full revolution every 48 minutes. There are actually a couple of restaurants in the Tower in Namsan Seoul, some serve internationally flavored dishes along with the traditional South Korean favorites.

One of the most exciting parts of visiting the N Seoul Tower is actually ascending up the hill to the point where you can get to the tower. Many people choose to ride the exciting Namsan Cable Car, which glides at a slight gradient of around fifteen degrees up an incline that extends nearly a half-mile. This is definitely the best way to access the tower and is a thrilling ride in and of itself.

You can expect to see many landmarks from high reaches of the Seoul Tower. These include the Seoul World Cup Stadium, Deoksugung Palace, Mt. Dobongsan and a variety of the other most impressive mountains in the area, and of course, the Seoul rivers including the Han and Namsan. It is great to have a chance to view the city from the tower in Namsan Seoul because it provides you with a bird’s eye view of the unique topography of the city. High-rise buildings can be viewed, as can the natural wonders of the South Korean landscape. Telescopes and other gadgets on the observation decks make the experience of viewing the city an even more pleasurable one. If you are planning a trip to Seoul, you should definitely consider putting the N Seoul Tower on your list of places to see.



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