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Seoul nightlife is varied and exciting. Besides the traditional tea houses and restaurants that serve authentic Korean fare, you can also find a wide range of Seoul clubs, bars, and cafes, many of which cater to the desires of international tourists. The various districts in Seoul provide different takes on South Korean nightlife. Gangnam nightlife is not quite the same as that in Itaewon or Hongdae. If you are traveling to South Korea, you will want to do as much exploring in Seoul as possible to find out just how much this exciting city has to offer.

The subway station in Gangnam is at the junction of the blue line (# 4 train) and green line (# 2 train), which makes getting to the area easy and convenient. Gangnam literally translates as South of the River. It is the social district located south of the Han River and can tend to be a bit more expensive than Kangbuk, located just north of the Han River. Gangnam nightlife may be a little more pricey, but most of the bars in Seoul in this area are either brand new or newly renovated. There are a wide variety of restaurants and clubs and the youth in the area enjoy the massive underground gaming centers and arcades.

Hongdae is another of the best areas for nightlife in Seoul. As the area in which Hongik University is located, Hongdae features an array of cafes, bars, restaurants, and Seoul clubs. If you are making the trip to Seoul, you will want to be sure to visit this vibrant part of the city that is known for its art scene and multifarious cafes and bars. If visiting art galleries, sipping a cup of tea in a relaxed café, and then heading out for dinner and dancing at night sounds like a good day to you, then you should consider spending some of your vacation in South Korea in the Hongdae district for some fun and youthful Seoul nightlife.

Itaewon is an extremely popular area in the city where a wide variety of Seoul clubs, luxury hotels, and fine dining restaurants can be located. Major hotels like the Hyatt Regency are located here as well as countless boutiques, shops, and stores where tourists can buy modern goods as well as traditional South Korean arts and crafts, jewelry, clothing, and much more. Because Itaewon caters to the needs and desires of tourists from around the world, you will find a whole host of international restaurants serving everything from Chinese and Thai to Italian and French cuisine. In a city of this size, you will be best served to find out what district you are staying in and then begin to shape up your itinerary in terms of restaurants and nightlife planning from there.

Exciting Seoul nightlife can also be discovered in Incheon and other parts of the city. Be sure to do your research and plan in advance so you can see as much of the city as possible.

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