Seoul Attractions

Seoul attractions include everything from ancient temples and traditional markets to massive shopping malls and amusement parks. There are so many things to do in Seoul that you will definitely want to begin shaping up your itinerary as soon as possible. One of the best aspects of a vacation in South Korea is that the country blends old world charm and longstanding traditions with contemporary appeal, making it a very popular destination for international tourists.


One of the most popular tourist attractions in Seoul is the COEX Shopping Mall. It is the largest underground mall in all of Asia and contains a casino, arcade, and a large aquarium. Here you will find stores containing everything from high-end designer clothing to video games and the latest technology gadgets. Myeong-dong is a popular area for shopping where you will be able to located a wide variety of brand name shops as well as some uniquely Korean designers and retailers. Other very popular shopping districts in Seoul include Insadong and Apgujeong. The Dongdaemun Market is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seoul where people go to buy retail and wholesale clothing items at relatively inexpensive prices.


A great way to explore Seoul is to take along a guide. You can gain a much better understanding of how the city operates and see some of the most popular sights that interest you on select Seoul tours. Perhaps you are interested in a USO tour of the Demilitarized Zone along the 38th Parallel. There are walking tours of the city, bus tours, helicopter tours, and so much more. Be sure to do some advance research to discover what appeals to you, then arrange a tour. It’s a sure fire way to enjoy a great day in Seoul.


There are sixteen major rivers in the country of South Korea and a couple of them represent some of the best Seoul attractions. Each one has cruise boats that allow passengers to explore the country from the water. It is a memorable experience to ride down the Han or the Nakdong River at sunset.


One of the most popular things to do in Seoul is to visit the temples. There are a lot of Buddhist temples in Seoul and the places in which they are located are some of the most beautiful settings in all of South Korea. If you are making the journey to Northeast Asia, set aside time to visit gorgeous Seoul temples such as Myogaksa and Beopansa. Exploring the temples is a nice retreat for the body and the mind. You will find that the peaceful and serene environment in which the temples are housed do much to calm the nerves and put you in a tranquil state.


South Korea is a very mountainous region. There are a number of beautiful locations where you can enjoy nature while hiking through some amazing trails. These mountain trails are exceedingly popular Seoul attractions both for international and domestic travelers who want to experience the mountainous region. Mt. Unyeonsan, Mt. Bukhansan, and Mt. Dobongsan are just three of the mountains where you will find these excellent trails. Take along a guide or embark upon your nature expedition alone or in your own group. South Korea is a place of natural wonder so nature lovers will want to spend as much time outside enjoying it as possible.


Just as in other major metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London, Seoul features a wide variety of impressive museums. From the National Museum of Korea to the National Folk Museum, the Seoul Museum of Art to the Ilman Art Museum, there is something for every museum lover in Seoul.

Seoul is one of the most interesting and exciting cities in this part of the world. You will certainly not lack for things to do. There are a wide variety of tourist attractions in Seoul and most places are very accommodating to western visitors that do not speak the language. Plan your trip in advance so you get to fit in all of the things to do in Seoul that appeal to you.



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