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Seoul travel is exciting and engaging as old meets new in the South Korea capital. You will find that Seoul is a city that contains traditional markets and religious temples, as well as large shopping centers and mega complexes like the COEX Mall. Determining the best time to visit Seoul largely depends upon what kind of trip you would like to have and what your natural affinity to particular kinds of weather happens to be. There are also a couple of national holidays and other such considerations to take into account as you determine when to go to Seoul. Once you have decided, you can begin the fun work of piecing together your itinerary for places to go and things to see. Seoul tourism offers a lot in the way of attractions and activities, from museums and shopping districts, to river cruises and walking tours of some of the most interesting parts of the city and outlying areas.

If weather is the main consideration for you as you plan when to go to Seoul, you should be aware that winter and summer are on the extreme ends of the spectrum in terms of weather conditions in South Korea. Summer is hot and humid and there is a substantial rainy season in June and July. Winter is extremely cold, largely due to currents and climate patterns that make their way down onto the Korean Peninsula from Siberia. All of that being said, there are also benefits to Seoul travel during these times of the year. In the summer, you can enjoy the beaches and some of the water activities in South Korea and in the winter the landscape is breathtaking, albeit cold.

Despite the fact that there are redeeming qualities to be found in each of these two seasons, most people plan when to go to Seoul around when the weather is going to be optimal. For South Korea, this is during the autumn and spring when the temperatures are the most fair and the vegetation all around is blooming, creating a most memorable scene.

From September through the end of October, you will be able to see some of the most awe inspiring vistas in the entire country as leaves fall from the multi-colored trees onto the slopes of mountains including Bukhansan and Dobongsan. Seoul tourism hits its stride during these periods of the year, as the weather is virtually perfect and all of the temple visits and mountain hikes become even more enjoyable because of the agreeable conditions. You will be able to take river cruises, hike the mountain trails, visit the temples that are peppered throughout the hills and mountains of the countryside, all the while taking in the lovely sights and smells of Seoul in full bloom. Seoul travel is going to be exciting and memorable no matter when you choose to go, but determining what weather cycle most appeals to you will ensure that you will be able to do all of the things you want while on vacation.

As you decide when to go to Seoul be aware that virtually the entire country shuts down for two major holidays (the Lunar New Year and the Harvest Moon Festival). This is not the optimal time to engage in Seoul tourism. Otherwise, choose from the times of year that suit your personal tastes and have fun.

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