Tourist Attractions in South Korea

Tourist attractions in South Korea range from spectacular temples to pristine beaches to mountainous peaks. This range is just a part of the greater appeal of a trip to this country in East Asia. There are virtually endless things to do in South Korea from taking in the amazing nightlife in Seoul to visiting the Buddhist temples of Busan. As you travel throughout the country, you will undoubtedly learn a lot of fun facts about South Korea, perhaps one being the fact that it has the highest estimated national IQ. It is one of the world’s leading exporters of automobiles and electronics and is preeminent in the information technology sector. Sports in South Korea also play an important role in peoples’ lives from the extremely popular sports of football and baseball to more traditional ones like Taekwondo. If you are planning a trip to South Korea be prepared for an exhilarating experience. You can plan your itinerary around what most appeals to you.


Shopping is one of the most popular pastimes for tourists both international and domestic in South Korea. People from around the country and the world travel to shopping Mecca’s like Seoul where you can find everything from the latest designs from the world of high-end fashion, to cutting edge automobiles, electronics, and mobile devices. Jongno and Dongdaemun along with the Itaewon District are just a few examples of areas in Seoul where you will discover modern boutiques and shops as well as markets where traditional crafts are made and sold. Many people go to South Korea with the express purpose of shopping for authentic antiques. One of the best parts of shopping in South Korea is exploring the vast world of artisans and their unique creations, from clothing to textiles to jewelry and pottery. Places like the Jangangpyeong Antique Market feature spectacular items. One of the fun facts about South Korea to be aware of if you are planning to go antique shopping, is that if you buy one that is over 50 years old you will need to fill out paperwork in order to bring it back into the country. This ensure authenticity and secures both the buyer and seller.


For most people traveling to South Korea nightlife is one of the top priorities on the agenda. It is an interesting cultural mix that pervades the streets of cities like Seoul and Incheon. Old and traditional customs are alive in tea houses and other such places, but there is also a lively and vibrant club and bar scene. Some of the best districts for partying late into the night can be found in Seoul. Hongdae is particularly attractive for young tourists and features a wide variety of big clubs and chic cafes. In a city of 10 million plus this is just the beginning of your search for the perfect drink and night in Seoul.


Some of the most beautiful beaches in East Asia can be located along the southeastern coastline of South Korea. Haeundae Beach is one of the most popular beaches both for tourists and affluent residents. Haeundae and Seogwipo Beach are the two best known beaches in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea and the location of the most fantastic beaches in the country. Jungmun Beach is another popular attraction, especially for surfers, off of the coast of Jeju Island.


A sure fire way to take in the best tourist attractions in South Korea is to sign up for some tours that interest you. You can take a walking tour of virtually any of the cities. Perhaps you are interested in taking a guided tour of the Demilitarized Zone. You can do this too. Other popular tours include a day of training and learning Taekwondo, nature and eco-tours, and hikes through the mountainous regions. It is up to you to decide. A temple stay in Gyeongju is a popular tour and mini spiritual journey for many travelers to this ancient city.


Taking a leisurely cruise along the Han River may be the most appealing way to see the riverfront of Seoul. You can charter a boat for private use or join in on one of the regularly scheduled trips. You can also take a cruise to Busan to see the temples, the Busan Tower, and Taeshin Park. Taking in the views from the water in South Korea is an unforgettable experience. Another of the fun facts about South Korea is that there are sixteen major river in the country, all of which you can take a boat ride on.


South Korea has dramatic and beautiful geography, creating the opportunity for amazing hikes as well as trips out into nature to complement any vacation to the bustling cities in this country.


In South Korea eastern traditional practices in the martial arts are still very prevalent but they mix with other sports in South Korea like baseball and football. American football was introduced in the early part of the 20th century and remains the most popular non-domestic sport. But of all the sports in South Korea influenced by the west, baseball has grown in popularity the most. One of the biggest tourist attractions for people living in South Korea are the country’s various baseball stadiums. The South Koreans even won a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. If you have a chance to take in a Korean baseball game it will be well worth your while. Look into also exploring the Judo and Taekwondo centers for a peak inside the ancient Korean martial arts.



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