South Korea Tours

South Korea tours represent some of the best ways to thoroughly explore the parts of the country that you are most interested in seeing. There are a wide variety of tours available to you when you travel to South Korea.

You have the option of taking day-long hiking tours of some of the best mountain trails, cruise tours around the coastal cities in South Korea, tours of the Demilitarized Zone along the 38th Parallel, and countless other tours and excursions. Some people prefer to embark upon leisurely day tours in South Korea where they can take in the sights and sounds at their own pace. Guided tours of this kind are great for visiting temples and other natural attractions including the National Parks and other National Treasures. Other people like a glimpse into the history of South Korea and the rift between it and North Korea. DMZ tours Korea give great insight into the history of the Korean peninsula and are operated by USO officials, making it an informative and safe experience.

Some of the most popular South Korea tours are those that take tourists inside the ancient and spiritual world of the country’s sacred temples. Sacred destinations such as Bulguksa Temple, Beopjusa Temple, and Beomeosa Temple are not only some of the most spiritually significant places in the country, but also some of the most popular tourist attractions, both for domestic and international travelers. Day tours in South Korea include a thorough exploration of the most popular temples in the land. Taking a guided tour of the temples gives you a leg up in that you will receive information that you may have otherwise completely have gone without knowing. This is significant because the little details and the hidden treasures at the temples can be the most interesting facets of these kinds of South Korea tours.

DMZ tours Korea are undeniably some of the other most popular tours given in South Korea. Although much of the information is somber and reflects the political and social tensions that exist to this day between North Korea and South Korea, it is a fascinating story that must be told to truly understand the causes and fall out of major historical events like WWII and the Korean War. For history buffs especially, DMZ tours Korea are the excursions of choice in this country.

As with many cities around the world, look for walking and bus tours in the major cities in South Korea. These can be excellent ways to learn more about your immediate surroundings without having to travel far at all. Many hotels and hostels offer tours or can direct travelers to a local tour operator.

South Korea is filled with so many natural wonders with its gorgeous mountains, valleys, and major rivers. Some of the most popular South Korea tours take participants to the most stunningly beautiful natural wonders in the country like the lava estuaries on Jeju Island, boat rides on the Han River, and an exploration of Jiri Mountain. If you get a chance to travel to this country, be sure to take advantage of the amazingly informative day tours in South Korea for a truly informative and fun experience.

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Bulguksa Temple

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