Ulsan is located in the southeastern part of South Korea. It is the undisputed industrial center in the country and is home to the Ulsan Industrial District. Hyundai Motors runs the largest automobile manufacturing plant in the world out of this area to give you an idea of the scope of production. But despite its being a center for heavy industry, this city of 1.1 million people is also a thriving metropolis with a lot of fun attractions. If you see a picture of Ulsan at night it looks like it could be Tokyo. It is highly developed for its size and as a result, domestic and international tourists alike reap the benefits from the ever-expanding entertainment and service industry in Ulsan. From hanging out at Ulsan Beach to checking out a movie at one of the many cinemas downtown, there are many things to do in Ulsan South Korea.

Mugoedong is where Ulsan University is located. As such, it is a vibrant area, alive with students and young people who frequent the many bars, cafes, and restaurants around the area. You can find really interesting places like tea houses that offer free wireless Internet and great snacks. Nearly everyone seems “plugged in” at all times, and you will notice that in many of these places people are donning the latest mobile phones and devices, iPods, and laptops. South Korea is a technologically advanced country and the city of Ulsan is no exception. Along with a number of traditional markets and shops, you will be able to search out some amazing stores that sell the latest gadgetry and games. Shopping and exploring the city are two of the best things to do in Ulsan South Korea, especially if you only have a few days in town.

When people say Ulsan beach, they are actually referring to three distinct areas. The three main beaches are Ilsan Beach, Jinha Beach, and Gangdon Beach. Each one of them is distinctively different. Ilsan is the closest beach to downtown and is therefore a popular options for tourists staying at nearby hotels. The Daewangam Rock and Pine Forest is in this area and is well worth a look. To the south of the city is Jinha Beach. This is a great destination for eating and drinking as there are a number of great restaurants and bars in the area. Gangdon Beach is a black pebble beach that offers gorgeous vistas of the ocean. Whichever Ulsan beach you choose, be sure to find out in advance what the swimming and safety conditions of the water are. It is a known fact that certain areas are not designated for swimming because of sewage disposal. This only applies in select areas but do ask before booking your arrangements.

Downtown offers a brilliant array of theaters and cinemas where you can see plays and movies as well. Ulsan Airport is nearby and a convenient way to get back to Seoul or make other domestic flights. Visiting the temples is also one of the most popular things to do in Ulsan South Korea, as with many of the other cities. The spiritual places are an integral part of the culture. Ulsan gives travelers a glimpse of authentic South Korea and a taste of vibrant city life at the same time.

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