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South Korea vacations are a fantastic alternative to the usual beach getaway and provide a uniquely northeast Asian experience on the Korean peninsula. There are a variety of South Korea vacation packages that make it easier than ever before to travel to South Korea with relative ease and without breaking the proverbial bank. Not everyone realizes that South Korea is a country with seven cities of over 1 million people. The nation’s capital and largest city is Seoul, which has a total population in excess of 10 million. There is so much to do on a vacation to South Korea, from exploring the natural wonders including the high-reaching mountains and sixteen major rivers, to shopping at some of the traditional markets and visiting the most sacred temples.

Cheap vacations to South Korea are possible and largely depend upon how much money you want to spend on your trip. This is a country where you can find ultra-modern shopping malls that sell the latest electronic gadgets and video games, but it is also a place where you can slow down the pace and see all of the traditional temples, markets, and other attractions, which are all free of charge. In other words, South Korea vacations do not have to be expensive. You can find clean and comfortable accommodations and many of the best attractions are completely free.

Many people who visit this country confine their South Korea vacations to the major cities, most frequently Seoul and Busan. Seoul is by far the largest city, exceeding Busan’s total by more than seven million people. Busan is the second largest port city in South Korea and the fifth largest port city in the entire world, making it another thriving metropolis and a most popular destination both for international and domestic tourists. If you are trying to plan cheap vacations to South Korea you should look into some of the popular activities and attractions in places such as Busan. Busan is a gorgeous city that is replete with attractions and activities.

The Jagalchi Fish Market is the largest fish market in the country and a sight to be seen. There are seemingly countless raw fish restaurants and vendors that sell everything from standards like tuna and snapper to sea cucumbers, squid, and octopus. When you book South Korea vacation packages that include airfare and accommodations to Busan, you can oftentimes realize significant savings. At times, the South Korea travel commission will offer South Korea vacation packages.

Seoul is an amazing city and many people travel here for good reason. The nightlife, entertainment, shopping districts, and restaurants are some of the best in Asia. South Korea is a leader in robotics and electronics so there always seems to be some new gadget or toy to be played with as you peruse the latest shops and malls in Seoul. While you are vacationing in South Korea, you will have an unlimited amount of options for things to do. South Korea has over 30 major ski resorts as well so your winter sports fix is also covered. From shopping to dining, hiking to river boat cruises, visiting temples to buying fish at the Busan Market, there is something that is guaranteed to appeal to everyone on their South Korea vacations.

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