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South Korea travel provides tourists with an opportunity to explore one of the most geographically stunning countries in the whole world. Breathtaking mountains cover roughly 70 percent of the country’s terrain and rivers like the Han (the largest river in the country) and the Tumen (which separates Korea from Russia and China) are just a couple of the natural wonders that contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of the countryside. When to go to South Korea will depend upon a couple of factors including what you are interested in doing and seeing while you are there and also what the weather will allow for. There is something to be said for traveling during each of the seasons. Winter in South Korea is cold, but beautiful. Just as with anywhere else, there are advantages and disadvantages to traveling to a particular destination year round. It ends up coming down to your ability to make of the best of the circumstances at hand.

There are four distinct South Korea seasons. Choosing your departure date carefully and putting a little advance research into when to go to South Korea is a great first step to ensuring a perfect trip on the Korean Peninsula in Northeast Asia. As you prepare for your South Korea travel, you should take into account that the one season that does tend to cause a lot of headache, especially for travelers with fixed itineraries, is the wet and humid summer. This time of the year is typhoon prone and can wreck any innocent tourist's plans. This is the monsoon season in South Korea and the majority of the rainfall takes place in June and July. If you are the kind of person who likes to play it safe, however, you may want to avoid August as well and make plans to visit in the autumn.

When to go to South Korea to enjoy optimal weather is undoubtedly the autumn months of September through November. The temperatures are quite perfect with very little humidity or coolness in the air. The skies are a decidedly dark and rich color of blue and the foliage including the wide range of colorful flowers is blooming at its fullest. This is a popular time for South Korea travel because it affords visitors the opportunity to see the country in perhaps its most naturally beautiful state.

Winter in South Korea can be bitterly cold, but is certainly not unbearable. It is a time of celebration within the country as the people embrace the beauty that descends upon the normally lush and green countryside with events such as the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. If you are traveling during the winter in South Korea, you may be a bit cold but will certainly not be disappointed with the photographs you come away with.

Spring time is also the answer to you will get if you ask certain travelers about when to go to South Korea. It is a short season as winter transitions fairly quickly into the summer months. However, during this brief period you will be able to enjoy the blooming of South Korea and the wonder that is the South Korean countryside at the advent of spring.

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