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Sri Lanka lies just beyond the shores of India, in southern Asia. This is a territory that has been coveted and occupied by several nations throughout its entire history, but it is a fascinating destination for travelers, with endless attractions and opportunities for adventure. Many visitors planning on Sri Lanka travel will likely have a layover in Asia or Europe, since direct flights originate almost exclusively on these two continents. Once you've arrived, there are plenty of means to travel throughout the country, and getting around during vacations in Sri Lanka is an adventure in itself.

This extraordinary country is relatively small geographically, but its wealth of history, culture, and attractions are beyond measure. The city of Colombo is fascinating, and the landscape is nothing less than breathtaking. The first recorded inhabitants, the Sinhalese, arrived from India in the sixth century BC and developed an entirely original civilization and kingdom. Hundreds of years later, the Portuguese took over the land in the 1500s, followed by the Dutch one hundred years later, and then the British held the country from 1796 on. Independence of what was then known as Ceylon was established in 1948, and it became known as Sri Lanka in the early 1970s.

Sri Lanka travel requires some type of visa, and as many visitors are tourists, a visit visa is probably the most practical option. Once the application is filled and submitted, a visa will be issued for 30 days to those traveling from a list of 81 select countries, and extensions are available. Arriving for vacations in Sri Lanka can be done in two ways, by air and by sea. Flying is the most convenient means of transportation from nearly any destination. Direct flights are available from several countries, but points of origin are limited almost entirely to Europe and Asia. Those visitors whose originating point of departure is outside of these continents will transfer flights midway; should you happen to be leaving from India, specifically the city of Trivandrum, cargo and passenger ships are an excellent option for a unique experience as well as saving a bit of money.

A variety of things to do and see are available throughout the country, from the wildlife and natural marvels such as beaches to cities and cultural attractions. While there is such an enormous selection of attractions in this tiny country, some of the must-see attractions include Adam’s Peak, Anuradhapura, Sinharaja Forest Reserve, World’s End, and the unique experience of Ayurveda. Adam’s Peak is one of the best places for enchanting views and scenery and is said to feature the illustrious Buddha’s footprint, which is venerated by many. For nearly 2,000 years, a great civilization flourished in the ancient ruins of Anuradhapura, a magnificent spectacle filled with history and mystery. The last remaining tropical forest in Sri Lanka, Sinharaja, is protected by the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. One of the most astounding natural features in the country is World’s End, where the land seems to have dropped off at this sheer cliff that drops off for just over half a mile before reaching the plains below.

The rich culture of this island is also something worth mentioning. It is filled with color, history, exquisite food, and heart-warming experiences, and vacations in Sri Lanka are completed with the culture of people. The ancient technique of overall health care is an experience like no other, featuring herbal medicines and other products as well as steam and massage treatments; amid the tropical paradise found in Sri Lanka holidays, this is a marvelous and rejuvenating experience.

From its natural attractions to its fascinating history, Sri Lanka travel offers visitors an unusual and enriching glimpse of the local culture. If you're looking for a unique destination and a particularly memorable journey, then Sri Lanka just might be the perfect destination, and you'll find enough hotels and services to ensure a comfortable vacation.

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