Sri Lanka Beaches

With so many coastal destinations on this island country, Sri Lanka beaches are perfect grounds for vacationers throughout the entire year. The south and west coasts are the most frequently visited, as opposed to the eastern and northern regions, but each of the beach areas in this country features a unique set of things to do and see. So whether you're interested in whale watching or surfing, you're sure to find a beach in Sri Lanka that suits you.

One of the oldest Sri Lanka beach resorts is located on the West Coast. Negombo, meaning village of honey, is just a few miles from the international airport and is an easily reachable vacation destination. One of the most charming aspects of this beach in Sri Lanka is the cultivation of cinnamon and the large fishing culture. Catamarans are a basic feature of the landscape of Sri Lanka beaches, and visitors can often hitch a ride with one of the local fishermen for a unique experience.

Bentota Beach, in the southernmost part of the island, is one of the most popular beaches in Sri Lanka. Here, travelers will find a variety of beach resorts and activities packages. Once the main port of entry for the country, Bentota Beach offers calm waters for a number of water sports and activities, including snorkeling, diving, and all types of boating. One of the most unique aspects of this particular beach is the spit of land called Paradise Island that separates the calm waters of Bentota Lagoon from the rest of the ocean.

The conditions in Sri Lanka do differ from north to south, making the best time to visit most of the northern beaches between the months of May and September. Nilaveli and Uppeveli are two of the most popular Sri Lanka beaches in the northeastern region. Many visitors come here for swimming and sunbathing, as well as a number of other water activities, particularly snorkeling and diving from Pigeon Island, which is reachable by boat from the coast.

Like the northern part of the island, the eastern shores are not as populous as the southern, but they are still worth a visit. Arugam Bay, in the east, was once a Dutch military post, but today it draws visitors for its pristine beaches and isolation. May to October is the ideal season for swimming and taking part in a variety of water activities in this area. As well as being beautiful, it is also not cluttered with large resorts; many of the common visually appealing aspects of the beach include colorful fishing boats and surfers, and while there are no diving shops in the area, visitors can make reservations with a qualified instructor for snorkeling and diving explorations nearby.

Beaches are on everyone’s vacation list wherever and whenever possible, and in Sri Lanka, the possibilities are excellent, with warm weather year-round. Staying at a Sri Lanka beach resort is a great way to take advantage of the proximity and amenities to enhance a beach vacation, and while Bentota Beach is one of the most popular, visitors are by no means limited in the number of choices. Visiting a beach in Sri Lanka is a must for everyone who visits the country—the exotic beauty of the island’s coastal landscapes is a delightful addition to any vacation.

Sri Lanka Beaches


With so many coastal destinations on this island country, Sri Lanka beaches a...

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