Thailand Backpacking

Backpacking in Thailand is popular for its affordability, beautiful landscapes, and cultural intrigue. From visiting temples and spas to snorkeling and scuba diving, many activities are affordable to backpackers. Thailand backpacking has grown in popularity since other areas, including sections of Europe, have become too expensive for many budget travelers. However, accommodation, food, and activities have all remained reasonable in Thailand, often extending the possible length of the journey for serious backpackers.

Backpackers in Bangkok arrive in a sort of hub for backpacking in Southeast Asia. Khao San Road is a popular area for backpackers in Bangkok, and upon arrival many are surprised to find that a subculture has developed in this Thai city. The area is full of options for cheap hotels, and if one or two is full, there will still be a place to stay. A dense area of budget accommodation makes Thailand backpacking easier than this type of traveling is in other countries, where reservations, even for dorm beds, are often required in advance.

The location of this area is one of its best features; backpackers in Bangkok are close to the main attractions in the area if they're staying around Khao San Road. Some hostels will arrange walking tours of nearby temples, and this can be a great way to get to know fellow travelers. When planning a trip to Thailand, there are a few things to consider. Affordable flights and accommodation make backpacking in Thailand attractive, but visitors should remember that the visa they are granted upon entry is only for 30 days. It is wise to plan trips to neighboring countries where you can safely cross a border and turn back to Thailand if you wish, where you'll receive another 30-day visa. Trying to extend your visa can be a very expensive proposition.

While Thailand backpacking is attractive year-round, the best weather is found between November and February. During these months it is likely to be cool and sunny. If you’re planning on a trip to the mountains in the north, however, such as around Chiang Rai province and the city of Chiang Mai, it can get quite cold. Other factors to consider when planning your trip are cultural entertainment. The best entertainment for the backpacker is free entertainment, and festivals often provide a great glimpse into the culture of a country.

Backpacking in Thailand is known to be fairly safe, but travelers should take necessary precautions. Invest in a lock for your bag, as it is easy for a master pickpocket to remove items from your pack even when you're on public transportation. Don’t keep too much cash on you, and don’t keep it all in one place. Leave expensive items at home; these are just asking to be stolen. You’ll want to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the country, but don’t bring anything flashy. The best advice you’ll receive is the advice you hear on the road, so chat with your fellow travelers and find out what’s great and affordable in Thailand right now.



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