Thailand Boat Tours

Thailand boat tours grant access to a whole other landscape of the country. Cruises and chartered boat tours alike show visitors the interesting rock formations, remote islands, and sea caves that travelers who stay on land never get to experience. A boat tour in Phuket can include time for snorkeling or scuba diving, allowing visitors to experience the sea even further. This area of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea off the country's west coast, is known for its abundance of marine life, beautiful coral reefs, and inquisitive turtles.

Thailand boat tours bring together local experts with adventurous travelers who are looking for an experience beyond sunbathing on the sandy shores. English-language tours are available, and sizes vary from private tours to tours appropriate for larger groups and families. The local knowledge of the guides will bring you to places many tourists don’t get to see on a trip to Thailand.

A Bangkok boat tour is also available. A canal tour brings guests on different types of boats to explore the city of Bangkok, such as to a local market, a riverside restaurant for lunch, and finally into the small canals where rural life can be discovered. When the canals get smaller, visitors will board even smaller boats to grant them access to further treasures. A much different experience than a boat tour in Phuket, this Bangkok boat tour will show travelers just how central the water and boats are to Thai life. No matter what part of Thailand you decide to visit, a great way to spend an afternoon is on a boat, listening to the knowledge of a guide.

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