Chaweng Beach

When traveling around Thailand, there are a few names that pop up over and over again, in conversations with others, in overheard conversations, on tourist leaflets, and in guidebooks, among them Koh Phi Phi, the Grand Palace, Ayutthaya, and Wat Arun. Increasingly, Chaweng Beach is being added to this list. A glorious stretch of sand on the island of Koh Samui, Chaweng Beach is one of those island retreats that are so popular in Thailand. Not only are the sun, the sea, and the sand all excellent here, but there’s also a fantastic scattering of tourist provisions to ensure you have a comfortable as well as relaxing vacation. Chaweng Beach Resorts sit next to great eateries and, of course, more than the odd bar, all providing the perfect atmosphere for a fun and carefree time in Thailand.

Getting to Chaweng Beach is fairly easy thanks to Koh Samui’s position as one of the country’s principle island getaways. Located off the east coast of Thailand, trains and coaches ply a regular route here from Bangkok; they take you to the edge of the mainland, from where ferries shuttle you to the island itself. Alternatively, it’s possible to fly into the island from Bangkok; once at the airport, Chaweng Beach is only a few minutes' away by taxi.

In terms of accommodation, the incoming visitors to Chaweng Beach Thailand will basically find themselves spoiled for choice. There are multiple places to stay that line the beach, each providing its own take on what Chaweng beach resorts should be like. These are largely laid-back and happy-go-lucky joints—Koh Samui, after all, is famous for being a backpacker’s hangout, and much of its accommodation is consequently of the budget variety. Increasingly, however, Chaweng Beach Thailand caters for all tastes, and top-quality, premium Chaweng beach resorts have sprung up over the past decade or so, and these prove as luxurious as one can imagine. Chaweng on Koh Samui has thus become somewhat of a microcosm of the spheres of travelers who visit Thailand. You’ll find everyone here, from the humblest of budget backpackers to the most indulgent of luxury travelers.

Having found your accommodation on Chaweng Beach, days spent here become a wonderful mix of taking it easy on the beach by day and then taking it easy in a restaurant or bar come nightfall. Of course, should you want to spice things up a notch, there are many activities to be done near the beach as well. With two islands located near Chaweng Beach Thailand, kayaking is a popular pastime, with people renting a kayak for the day and then heading out to the islands to do some exploring. These islands are also surrounded by picture-perfect coral, making scuba diving another activity high on many people’s list of things to do.

If you're looking to recover from physically strenuous day trips, a Thai massage is a great way to do so. You’ll find plenty of wooden huts along Chaweng Beach where traditional Thai massages, hair braiding, and the like can be obtained. On the other hand, you can simply hit one of the many nearby bars for slightly more boisterous means of recovery or simply to celebrate another perfect day at the beach.

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