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Chiang Mai, Thailand's northern hub, is a smaller and more laid-back city than its frenetic sister, Bangkok, and travelers looking for good value for their money will find Chiang Mai hotels among the best deals in Thailand. A popular destination for backpackers, trekkers, and budget travelers, finding a hotel in Chiang Mai to suit your preferences is not difficult, from cheap backpacker lodges to very reasonably priced boutique hotels, some of which offer excellent personalized service among beautifully landscaped grounds, as well as, of course, Chiang Mai luxury hotels. At your hotel in Chiang Mai you can relax in a Thai garden by the pool, get a massage, and then speed on your way to the numerous attractions of Northern Thailand, including elephant trekking in the jungle, hot springs and caves, and other natural wonders.

Chiang Mai is served by the Chiang Mai International Airport, located just 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) away from the city center, making it easy and cheap to get into town. Most Chiang Mai hotels and guesthouses are located close to the Ping River (Mae Nam Ping) and conveniently close to the ever-popular Night Bazaar. Numerous small boutique hotels have recently sprung up in the center of the old city, which are a good value choice for Chiang Mai accommodation; many of them have pools and gardens, and offer personalized service.

For the budget traveler, some of the cheapest options for a hotel in Chiang Mai are budget guesthouses booked in conjunction with a trekking package, for which you can often negotiate a good deal. Of course, as one of the largest cities in this heavily touristed country, Chiang Mai hotels also include the usual assortment of international chains such as Best Western, Holiday Inn, and others.

An interesting alternative to staying in a hotel in Chiang Mai is to book accommodation with a trek to visit one of the Hmong hill tribes in the area. Some hill tribes have traditional lodges where travelers can experience relatively authentic traditional hospitality in a breathtaking setting among rice paddies, rivers, and jungle. You can inquire about trek packages and options in town.

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

For those looking for an inclusive resort getaway for their Chiang Mai accommodation, several Chiang Mai luxury hotels will merit their consideration. Dhara Dhevi is located on 60-acre grounds, including rice fields, hardwood groves, and beautiful gardens in which to relax. With shopping, dining, and spa experiences all included within this luxurious hotel, as well as a cooking school, Dhara Dhevi is a complete Thai resort experience. The Four Seasons Chiang Mai is also a good choice, with 64 private pavilions perched on walkways over the water, all of which come with a private veranda and a live-in housekeeper. Available close by are elephant treks as well as possible visits to nearby bazaars and hill tribe villages.

With such a variety of choices available, from budget guesthouses to the peak of luxury experiences, finding suitable Chiang Mai accommodation will be the least of your concerns during your visit to this charming city. If you plan to visit during peak seasons, such as the Songkran Festival for the Thai new year, be sure to book ahead.

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