Food in Thailand

Thai Cuisine
Thai Cuisine

When it comes to Thai cuisine, food-lovers will find endless possibilities and combinations, and there are great dining choices to discover a variety of new tastes. Thai is one of world's best cuisines because of the abundance of vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits, and sea food. The food in Thailand owes its variety and taste to both ancient and innovative recipes of Thai culinary art. With a wide range of dishes and a subtle combination of tropical herbs and spices, Thai food is one of the key Thailand attractions.

Traditional Thai food is spicy, but most tourist restaurants in Thailand serve less-spicy food to suit foreigners' tastes. Key ingredients in Thai foods include coriander, lemongrass, and garlic, among other herbs and spices. Rice is one of the ingredients that serve as a base for most Thai cuisines. Some Thai recipes also use a combination of sweet and sour fruits to give that memorable tangy and sweet flavor. Popular fruits including jackfruit, papaya, pomelo (a type of grapefruit), and mangosteens enhance the rich taste of the food.

Food in Thailand
Food in Thailand

Both high-end restaurants and street eateries provide top-notch food in Thailand. The country's restaurants have their own specialty, but you should check out some of Thailand's signature dishes for your dining pleasure. Appetizing foods such as tom yam (a delicious soup with a combination of herbs, chicken, prawns, and coconut milk), stir-fried noodles called pad Thai, and desserts such as salim are some of the national delicacies to look out for. For those who are looking for some additional variety, there are also many Indian, Chinese, and European restaurants in Thailand.

Bangkok, one of Thailand's major tourist destinations, offers an array of dining places. The restaurants in Bangkok serve lip-smacking cuisine for both luxury and budget-conscious travelers. There are more than 10,000 restaurants serving different European, Japanese, and Italian delicacies, but if you are looking for authentic Thai food, then a local Bangkok restaurant is the best place to eat. You can also taste the finest seafood in most restaurants in the city. The recipes mainly consist of fish, river prawns, lobsters, and jellyfish. There are many seafood restaurants scattered throughout Bangkok city, but one of the best among equals is Royal Dragon Restaurant. Featured in the 1992 Guinness Book of World Records as world's largest restaurant, Royal Dragon boasts a large collection of fresh seafood along with Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and European cuisine. This unique Bangkok restaurant is located besides the International Trade and Exhibition Center, on the Bang Na-Trad highway. You can enjoy the food and sit back and watch their unique style of serving.

Thai Street Food
Thai Street Food

While there are several top-of-the-line restaurants offering a variety of delicacies in Bangkok, eating from roadside food carts is one of the best ways to enjoy street food in Thailand. The Ratchaprasong area in Bangkok boasts several roadside food stalls and fast-food outlets serving a variety of local food, including grilled meat and noodles. The malls in this area also offer excellent eateries. The CentralWorld is one of the finest malls in the Ratchaprasong district, and it boasts more than 50 restaurants serving good Asian food, snacks, and great coffee.

While a Bangkok restaurant may be known for lip-smacking traditional Thai food, Phuket eateries are known more for their Thai seafood delicacies. Kata Beach in Phuket has some of the most delicious seafood restaurants serving a wide variety of Thai dishes such as seafood salads, steamed fish dipped in spicy lemon sauce, hot prawn soups, and fried fish. The Kampong Kata Hill restaurant also serves some of the most delicious seafood. Located in downtown Kata Beach, the restaurant exudes a rich Southeast Asian and Thai ambience. It is one of the best Phuket restaurants that also offer the finest wines.

Local restaurants in Thailand also serve a wide variety of rich beverages. If you ever visit any Thailand restaurant, make sure you taste Mekhong, the local whisky, or the popular local beer called Singha Gold. But be aware that the legal drinking age in Thailand has been raised to 20, so if you are underage or choose not to drink alcohol, you can also enjoy the refreshing coconut milk served by many popular restaurants in Thailand.

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